blueberries for you give blindly to the perception of beauty
as it is moment by moment presented to you. blink away the specks of distraction and let the saline wash away the sadness of your soul's clouded vision.
andru235 then i'm an altruIst, after all! hooray!

mountain lakes, here i come!
kid andre Accept random eye_contact from strangers
You'll meet someone
(who likely thinks you're a freak)
*SuPeR^ChIcK* It really doesn't matter who I make eye contact with, stranger or acquantance, friend, family member, co-worker. They all know I am a true freak. The funny thing is, I am ok with it. I am finally figuring out who I am, now that I have my own identity again and I like myself. Freak or not. I am who I am and I could really care less if someone dislikes me for it. 060223
what's it to you?
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