Dosquatch Something stands between us
A thickness in the air
An unpalatable breach
A distance I can't bear
lacunas coil The wall between the souls. Seeking to cross the barrier, giving up and going back to the soul, letting the bridge fall into disrepair.

Making new bridges, trying again. Hitting the barrier between, seeing the other and not being seen.

When one religion doesnt work, does that mean that it is time to find another, or simply pick up and leave?

The wind is strong on the bridge. Banging unnoticed on your door I crumble and dissapate, back to my lotus home.
the chief of the multicolored monky clan its that thing that you cant touch and just cant seem to get past no matter how you try. i have a barrier in my mind. it makes me not able to really want to do anything. it makes me good at everything and great at nothing. it makes me pray at night to a God that im not even sure is real to give me something to be motivated about.Please God, can you really hear me? 051003
three words open_or_close gods barrier 110910
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