birdmad i felt like looking for trouble today, i was just in that sort of mood

i went into a bar a few blocks from my house looking as outrageous as i could with my red dyed hair my skull-cross earring my nike track pants and my red hawaiian shirt and some black lipstick
(knowing that it would get all the little mojado cowboys all pissed off to see a guy looking like that - don't ever let anyone tell you that the concept of dumbass rednecks is exclusive any one race) and made a bet that no single one of them could knock me off of my feet in five minutes we went out into the back alley where any passers by wouldn't see us from the street

i knocked out the first two with a little work they were pretty drunk so it wasn't very hard, the third fourth and fifth guy gave up after five minutes each, but by this time i was hurting pretty and the last guy couldn't have picked a better time to capitalize

i went down in three shots, two to the ribs and one to the jaw but i think it owed less to the power of the shots than to the cumulative damage done by the others

they we'ren't big guys (none over 5'8"), and they were all a little drunk, but they were all blue-collar types who work hard everyday and , so i gave them all back the 10 bucks they each put up and paid the last guy 50 out of my own pocket, he bought me and the other five guys a beer each with what he won and i bought myself a few tequila shots to ease the feeling in my ribs before stumbling back home as nonchalantly as possible

i fell asleep the minute i sat back in my bed and i'm just waking up now four hours later

i'm just glad that none of the shots to my face left a mark, i don't need to be anymore challenged in that area than i already am

i think i an label that as among the dumbest things i have ever done, but it was, in its own sick way, fun while it lasted

now as long as i don't start passing blood in the next few hours i guess i'll be fine

silentbob Wow, can i tell you how cool that is? 011008
birdmad actually, i'd prefer to be told how stupid that is 011008
mourningstars okay, that was pretty moronic, dude.

some kinda pain junkie, eh?
god i'll hit someone with a bar 020403
birdmad i was upset that day and figured i needed to get the shit beat out of me 020403
hissy pfit snake_bar 020404
werewolf you could've entered a ring and been paid for it. No shame in being a journeyman if you get off on being pummeled 020404
DannyH There is something quite beautifully wrong with you. 020404
jon_dog good story birdman. you must be one crazy cat. 020404
god call him tonya, and he sheds on the throne of the universe 020405
Norm Sounds like fun. 020405
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