ever dumbening the anti-chrity


*index finger and pinky extended, forming horns*

and whatever, cuz at this point nobody cares, so smoked pork and ham luncheon loaf away adhesive_bandage_product cuz we'll all just make photocopies and wipe our eyes with facial tissue. go ahead and put your self-stick removable reminder labels all over, we don't have any correction fluid. i'm just going to prepare myself with some pure petroleum jelly and a few acetominophen.

and on the eighth day vanderfookin created: chrity, bandaids, and brand names

toasted O-shaped oat

ever dumbening sometimes i like myself 011221
she Penny Lane 011221
ClairE My mom smells like them.

A band_aid is a piece of perfection. Like every word is a poem.
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge [:::[ ]:::]
maybe U can mend me together
when all seems to fray apart
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