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Christopher Kendalls Indeterminable
By Chris Kendalls

What kind of world do you live in?
What do you think inspires me to write?
Iíve only been around twice
At my age I think thatís enough
Keep your mouth shut when she speaks
No woman wants to hear your bright ideas

Iíve changed and grown anyway
The one Iím with now has grown with me
If youíre smart youíll make the right choice
Realize how directions part early
The shame isnít that you grow apart
Whatís more depressing is exactly how

And when I get in these moods
I have to put life into perspective
I miss the potential to make that money
I donít miss the scholastics of it all
I think for now Iím better off for it
I try to live what I think is a simple life

Try not to speak on my failures
Run away from my misfortune
I tried my hand at the clique
Money talks people walk away
If youíre not holding the money
You can believe they walk away from you

If you donít know that now
Trust you will before your life is over
Iím authoritative with the verse
Easily because no one hears me anyway
Figuratively because Iím a monster
I want to be known once Iím dead

The hell with getting that realization
Because knowledge with application is futile
Money and pride donít get along
People try to guard themselves
Thatís why Iím lost in my art
Looking at life through tonal inflection

Color and hue and the emotions stirred
Canít understand the utilitarian
The homogenous that are without a soul
The beauty of life is in its kitsch
Not very many make me happy anyway
Even less that even care to begin with
Christopher Kendalls This fucking clique and me
By Chris Kendalls

Iíve got 12 knuckleheaded niggas
Used to be 30 strong
Of course a lot of them like to hustle drugs
There isnít any future in that stop watching TV
I donít get a fuck about what rapper
Fuck how heís living

Had some chicks in the organization too
One of them ran off with my Aston Martin
So I had to ride around California in a dune buggy
Doesnít matter now cause I make money racing across the desert
I hate to see talented individuals like that go
I guess the Ferrari wasnít enough for her

I donít even know where I stand with these niggas anymore
Like two bitches fighting over a Gucci blouse
You know everyone wants to be a colonel or lieutenant
Let me give any aspiring individuals a hint
Youíre looking to run with people that are about money
Theyíre all looking to walk by themselves

There isnít anything significant behind this materialism
Just make sure youíre the one making the goods
You canít buy happiness you end up lonely anyway
You can create your own world to escape and get lost in
None of it matters if you donít have any sense of self though
Christopher Kendalls Aggressive force
By Chris Kendalls

They still laugh at me about it
My girl gave me a toy gun for my birthday
It was back in 2000 around June 5th; visiting my girl
I thought I would excuse myself and visit the can

You have to be careful how you treat your ex-girlfriends
As she appeared form behind the shower curtain
I had not seen her in over 3 years I thought I was ok
Girl interrupted what else is new

I am looking at the gun that which was pointed at me
My poor girlfriend is downstairs unaware of whatís going on
I tried to reason with her but did I really?
She jams the door so it will not budge

Brushes the steel against my face I break out in a cold sweat
Very quiet as she releases the safety my life flashes before me
In addition, she can always climb back out of the window
And I felt the warmth of cotton as she slips it over my head

In addition, the pleats in the skirt brought it all back to my remembrance
Moreover, I am staring right at it no unmentionables
It is as if it is talking to me, pleading with me
Not only was my appetite satisfied, but also she could not take any more

Just for the knees to buckle and to think how I had volunteered before
But now to think of it; sort of medicinal this time
Moreover, it was all over with my eyes were even heavier
Woke up the next day to look at my discolored tongue

So I was sedated so what?
Nevertheless, whom can you tell of what happened who would believe me?
Nothing part of me did not want yet at the same time
Was against my will but I guess that is how it goes
Christopher Kendalls Predisposition / Hard lessons learned in Thailand

Predisposition to all possibilities of determination
By Chris Kendalls

Calculations on a Chinese abacus
The way this hits intellectually
Ideas from one side of the room to the other
Physically manipulating the positions of concepts
Youíre talking about weight in ounces

So you can move drugs and brag about greed
Arithmetic what used to be about money
Wooden beads on a rusty steel wire they wonít use
2010 and all of the mathematicians are dead
Think playschool can get through making it fun

No blood sweat and tears
If I had to scale alphabet blocks
The way explorers went about mountains
An enormous letter Ďaí I canít see in its entirety
Because language and articulation are lost on fools

Kids used to spell words in their cereal
That street in New York was a haven of knowledge
But now weíll take grease on patties in-between buns
So we can be a glutton and die before 40
Ironic how surgery is supposed to reverse that

And let me die because it means nothing
No water to satiate the needs of the masses
Is it any wonder then in this day and age?
Despite our sophistications and Ďluxuriesí
Still the ignorant bastards of our predecessors

I guess where technology failed
Common sense filled in the inconsistencies
Art made misery more palpable
Although they used to be scientists
Now weíre all insane

As we arenít working from anything

Hard lessons learned in Thailand
By Chris Kendalls

Give her the room she needs
Oxygen flows through your frame
What flesh does to its surroundings
Intricate manipulation of your bodyís waste
By product of oneís intake of substances

About where you will find yourself at
On the wrong end of the equation without a calculator
Never realized that the truth could be this ugly
You want to care about her trick care about yourself
Cause youíre not exhausted paying out this money

Millions of perversions to find yourself in
Opening doors in mid air just because you can
Like what you see inside and sheís beautiful
Go in and the door closes behind you
Trick everything you want is still outside

And like a fool you turn back to walk inside
Because you can see her playing in the window
But this is one house youíll never get into
Like illusions with mirrors in an arcade
Youíd rather catch a contact getting high off the smoke

Dizzy before you even get down the hall
Because when that pressure is unleashed
And your soul flows inside of her
Because some of us get vulnerability twisted
Days drinking cocoa crushing beans in-between our teeth

Because they were no match for us
Mixture of honey and brown sugar
Might as well have shot up heroin
As my emotions walked on top of me
Trampled me as I fled from her

Dark alleys I discovered along the way
Screwing with the worlds oldest profession
Who knows if these girls will ride with me
Better that Iím married now
Although it may be an assault on oneís senses

Before your blood pressure explodes
Let everyone slide on glaciers
Nothing that would be that good for you
As deceptive as this euphoria can be
Not that youíll ever come close to amnesia
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