Q Backtrack from Breakfast

running fast

who's this fool
hacking frozen nails
to make a face bare naked before dawn
for some banker and that boss
both stuck half buried
in tundra upsidedown?

who's this fool
still nude shivering
into this foggy mirror?

ponder, you fool,
ponder, ponder, ponder:

specialty coffee, duh!
you say we make so, so smoothly
brew it best slowlier, slowly
for just you, just me
tiptoe with it, tiptoe softly
where i want to be,
i should

whisper "i am back
i've brought speciality coffee
all of me made it specially
for just you, just me"

whisper "may i crawl back in
for the nicewarm, you?"

hear barely "yes, please,
please do,
i've missed your nicewarm too"

sing "is it slowlier enough, love?"
more cream?"

Copr. 2000
what's it to you?
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