unhinged the smoke of numerous chain-smoked cigarettes and all the obsessed boys around her, we were getting drunk together. damn, she has so many men obsessed with her. we listened to hilary hahn playing the d minor bach; we always listened to bach when we were fucked up. i slept in her bed but she slept in the other room. because she promised him that we wouldn't do anything. fuck him for ruining my chances. fuck him for being a psycho obsessive fuck. i just wanted to lay in bed with my bach_goddess but i haven't slept so soundly in my own bed. she has four guys obsessed with her and now she has one girl too. *sigh* 011216
unhinged is coming to visit


that makes me all squealy and annoying like a silly little girl. i still dream about you nat face.
Doar :-) 040312
unhinged she never came to visit and doesn't return my phone calls anymore

it is dangerous to tell people how you feel about them because when (not if) they leave you it makes it that much worse.

i don't fall in love with girls anymore. for some reason, it hurts worse when they treat me like shit.
Twitch I find most people aren't faithful under the right circumstances . Not to be cynical . Let's talk about this, we have a lot in common. Skype me 150710
unhinged i cant skype. i can technically facetime but ive never tried it. 150710
unhinged how are you now boo?

i put thc sugar in my coffee this morning and wanted to play the chaconne at 7am

i found the henryk szeryng version on youtube tonight and within the first three chords i wanted to kiss you, so many stoned afternoons, your face and that man playing that piece were the only things tethering me to my last thin thread of sanity.

(i should have kissed you more)
unhinged i have found another beautiful artist to take care of who let's me hold her when she's drunk

shadows and snippets
of your_smile
when we used to get high in your SUV
on the northside
before class
keep flashing before my eyes
what's it to you?
who go