deb you call her a snot
but she's sweet,
deep down somewhere-
she curled up on my lap tonight
just to purr for me..

someone hurt her,
i think-
i just need to smooth the edges
and love her enough
and she'll be sweet again
deb she WAS sweet again
and happy
sleeping on the bed with us
chasing her mouse
loving on her stripy kitty

she was happy
and i was happy
but you were sneezy
and the baby's crib was all furry
and we can't have that, now, can we?

so i made some calls
through puffy red eyes
gathered her things together
and made you drive
because i wouldn't-

filled out a paper,
said she's great,
someone love her for me
cause i can't have her anymore

i hope you found someone,
i hope you can be happy again-

i'm done crying for you
i'm done wondering where you are-
if i sit here and dwell
on the fact
that maybe no one wanted you
and they did what they said they might...

no, you're ok
you're in a new house now
playing with your mousy there,
loving on your kitty...
you are.
you must be.
you have to be ok.
blue star this blathe reminds me of
babybat which reminds me of
jessi who reminds me of
jessi's house which reminds me of
sleepovers on big green couches which reminds me of
waking up and watching carrie while eating eggs which reminds me of
salsa which reminds me of
old_crusty_salsa which reminds me of
midnight snacks which reminds me of
i used to read a lot more which reminds me of
Anne of Avonlea which reminds me of
poetry on lakes which reminds me of
fish which reminds me of
the cabin which reminds me of
naniboujou, grandma and uncle bergis and aunt eva who remind me of
bran muffins, oatmeal and raspberry rhoubarb jam, and "angel kisses" which reminds me of
being a little babygirl.
what's it to you?
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