n o m amazing amazonian medicine. am so glad i had the opportunity to go to iquitos and work with the plants of the jungle, including ayahuasca, the beautiful serpent lady. i drank around 15 times maybe a little less, was there for 4 weeks but did not drink for the first week. was taking other plant spirit medicines as well. a month of dieta, no salt, no oil, no sugar, only certain foods. tarantulas, and other, bigger spiders in my cabin often. gigantic butterflies. miss it. definitely have less nightmares now, and less nausea. hope to go back at some point, and continue treatment in north america 111218
n o m ayahuasca is just part of the picture...but tge visions, realizations can be very powerful and can help greatly with healing 111218
n o m the 111218
n o m tasted like chocolate to me

now chocolate tastes like ayahuasca
. what_kind_of_healing what_ails_you? 120624
no reason this kind of stuff is a bit tempting; i'm getting the unwelcome nausea again after months of being nausea-free 120625
n o m still nightmare free 121201
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