Dafremen Somewhere not so long ago, in an email, not so far away as you might think...

Oh love,

I'm not giving up on you guys, or the people in that group. On the contrary, it has become painfully obvious that if I sit around waiting, with a group of people who have no idea what they are going to do, waiting for a solution to fall out of the sky, then a year from now, I will be in the same place I was a year earlier. Waiting for a solution to fall out of the sky.

Someone has got to act, and the time is coming QUICKLY..much more quickly than any of them believes. I wish that the lost could see that being lost can only last for as long we refuse to choose a direction and head in it.

I know that every survival manual in the world says that if you are lost, you should sit and wait for help to arrive. Question though: Arrive from where? Who is going to send help in this instance?

It occurred to me VERY early on in this thing that the answer is simple: From us. We, the 11 affected, are the new Group of World Servers. The New World Order is about to arrive and we are its stewards. We are to usher in this era. Those of us who fail to rise to that challenge are likely in no great danger from anything but our own regrets. After the CLEANSING floods of the Age of Aquarius have washed away the remnants of the old way..there will be those who will be remembered as the liberators, and those who were the liberated. Though I would no doubt brush away such labels as divisive and cliquish, it is human nature to regard it's outstanding individuals in that way. Given the choice between being of the liberated, and being both liberated and a liberator of my beloved humanity, I will choose the latter, love. (I'm not sure if my calling you love is a problem, but just so you and yours know...the title is one of kinship and not a come-on.)

I will choose to serve my fellowman rather than myself and the security of comfortable friends and familiar surroundings. There is a whole society of human beings SCREAMING for something better, and those screams give me nightmares in my waking hours, fill my eyes with tears on a daily basis.

My sort of bull-puckey is the sort that would not waste words defending my ego, but would spew an encyclopedia's worth to defend and uphold the truth. My sort of rhetoric, is the sort that is not content with empty words, but would choose rather to act while there is still light and life enough left in me to do so.

I have found a partner in this dream. I thought it would be michael. It will not be. I know that your loyal nature would not hear me speak against him, and I hope that you realize that my desire to avoid divisions won't let me either. I've had a major transformation over the last 5 days. I would be happy to go into it, but I'll wait until you request that I do so.

There are great things coming, and frankly, I've stopped caring if folks think that I'm full of it, or crazy or a bit of both anymore. They do NOT feel what I do in my heart today. They have NOT seen and been shown the things that I have, and they have not lived a single moment of mine or my loved ones lives to tell us that those lives and experiences never happened.

I can no longer abide by division and must choose to turn my back on anything that divides us rather than add to it, because I have been shown that this is wrong and will only perpetuate the division.

There is one way, one simple message, UNITY. There is one simple proof that it is the truth. I have show you that proof, and whether it occurred to you that the equation I showed you solves a 2000 year old Biblical riddle that our wisest, brightest and most devoutly religious scholars have been unable to discover the answer to or not, that is the truth. You're an astrologer...have you calculated the odds?

Have you calculated the odds that a simple man like John would have come up with a number puzzle that our best and brightest have been unable to solve for 2000 years? He was no mathematician as far as I know.

Then calculate the odds that the solution to that number puzzle would be the ten known digits in their natural sequential order, arranged in a perfect triangle? (4 digits, 3 digits, 2 digits, 1 digit?)

Then you'll want to add in the odds that the solution would ALSO add to the same number horizontally with the addition of a 9.

Add to that the odds that the man who dreamed of said equation would have birth stats that would ALSO add to those three numbers and the addition of a 9?

You're an astrologer...we deal with probabilities...have you calculated the odds? Have you taken to pondering the significance of the Age of Aquarius, the number 11 and the connection to the following terms: New World Servers, The Great Awakener, The Water Bearer, The New World Order, hopes and dreams? (Break out your Solarfire girl...go ahead.)

Am I a lunatic? Am I crazy? Have I lost my mind? Perhaps. But I ask you this precious lady, how many coincidences have to occur before they cease to be coincidences and start to be signs or symptoms?

How many? A hundred? A thousand? How high do the odds have to go against such a thing, before they simply defy the probabilities?

I'm done being fooled by my own skepticism and fear. I'm through hiding from the reality..which is this:

We are on the dawn of a new era, and some of us have been given the HONOR and the distinct PLEASURE of serving a higher cause that would have us serve our fellow man and the cause of unity, rather than our own doubts and egotism and the baser cause of division and the Beast, which is simply a system gone completely out of control.

If we do not take advantage of this chance we are being given now, others will step in to do so, because nothing as simple and petty as our self-doubt will stand in the way of the cleansing rains of Aquarius and it's monsoon winds. Those things of weak foundation and poor design are to be swept away by the winds of the Aquarian Age. People will come back together, we will be
unified. We will see each other again and we will care again.

I will be playing my part in this unfolding drama..and no, I will not leave the group behind, because the group and everyone in it...are members of the human race who are in desperate need of liberation, along with us all.

I am here. You have my email address and my words are yours to read here and on blather. If you need anything else from me love, you need only ask.

As I told the missus, she is now number TWO, however. (She has NEVER been #2 and is not taking it well.) First comes a higher cause and the hopes and dreams that ride on its wings.

I hope that whatever trials life has been hurling at you these days will quickly be cleared up.

If I may allude to the transformation that occurred in my life, I will do so thusly:

Until I started listening to that little feeling that was telling me what I needed to do, my family, my marriage and indeed my very life kept sinking into deeper and deeper trouble. I came to the brink of losing my marriage 5 days ago. Then, I set my fears aside and listened to that little feeling, and struck out.

Suddenly, there is plenty, there is love, there is closeness again and I have climbed out of the muck of my own stubborn refusal to heed the call of destiny for fear that it would mean relinquishing my freewill.

Instead, I have come to find..that it simply meant making good use of my freewill and seeing my dreams through to the very end. It means being true to myself and to my future. My life is mine again, fresh, shiny and new.

To quote this pergamino that I am still reading three times a day(one more week, then on to the next):

"Today my old skin has returned to dust. I will walk upright among men and they will not know me, because today I am a new person, with a new life."

Life has a way of kicking us in the patookus until we get with its program, and I have no doubt, that being an intelligent, experienced already know this. Whatever that little feeling has been telling you to do love...DO IT! Who's to say that your fantasy, isn't some future reality? Whose to say that today's reality, won't be the future's unbelieveable past?

In any event, my heart is with you, your hubby and all of yours.

Someday, if Jose and I have our way, you and yours will sit in a park with me and mine, on some soft blanket with hundreds if not thousands of others..sharing what we have and proving that not only are you..YOU, but you are a beloved and needed part of WE as well.


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