Q You do live on the Planet Earth, at least sometimes, right?

Then you cannot avoid methane and cannot avoid using directly or indirectly fire from burning methane.

Sorry, but our earthly fate is methane hydrate, ice and fire, and our fate later on is fire, probably methane-fueled.
miniver I'm studying physics/astronomy, computer science, philosophy, and anthropology. I didn't really think about it too much as I was registering, but it has since come to my attention that my schedule doesn't offer much in the way of fine arts. My schedule, in fact, offers so little in the way of art that one might speculate that I am avoiding art, altogether; and, specifically, avoiding both the potential and the history of what artistic abilities I may or may not possess. One might speculate.

So, you know,...prepare yourselves.
unhinged my most active and fucked defense mechanism

i'm such a fucking hypocrite

i hate being the object of a game, but i play them readily.

look at me, chase me. if you cared, you'd chase me. look at that, you didn't chase me. you don't care.

see how that works?
epitome of incomprehensibility ..."But I'm GOOD at avoiding work. Shouldn't I improve my strengths?" 160212
what's it to you?
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