bencvt soulmask, body on holiday
tell me secrets that i already know
marked . 031023
pipedream what a gorgeous word. avatar. i will use it more often. 031024
the marker A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity: occultism in its present avatar.

(c/o: dictionary.com)
white_wave he changes his avatar as often as his underwear. the images he chooses make me laugh. i don't think i could portray my name in a picture. i never want blather to become a chatroom. 040302
srealisma i'm watching it. i avoided it in 2009 because i thought it would be toxic to me. the most interesting aspect is the thing about disability --

also i wonder how many people have had an Avatar Infection that they never treated. sigh. pop culture.
srealisma Fell asleep during fight scene around 1 hour mark

Too much violins on television. thx, emily litella
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