u24 see how_to_get_broken_blathes_back 041130
minnesota_chris my car's alternator is complaining again. Or maybe it's the battery. Or maybe something is draining their power too fast. I mean, the "check engine" light has been on ever since I got the car. FIX MY AUTO! 041201
misstree missus pickman is having attitude problems. the two back doors not opening was alright, and when the driver's door lock froze i could work around it, but the passenger's door handle dying too is a little much. are you just upset about your muffler? do you crave a tranny flush? my darling, you really must stop stranding me on highways and get with the program; mayhaps i should summon the ghost of cthulu to teach you some manners?
pah. i'll just shake my little fist at the angry stars and keep hobbling along with you. ya damn beastie. *le_sigh*
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