sabbie and whats wrong with this spelling anyways?

im gunna start up another compaign along the line of the rather terribly successful 'jsut' one..

dear johnny,
i know that you are an ineffectual leader and that you know that most of the people who inhabit the country you claim to represent die of embarrasment everytime you appear to be representing us on the world stage, unless its in the world_leaders_annual_nativity_play and you are furfilling your roll as the sheep pattered with the stars and the stripes, but here is something to make you stand out from the ranks of keating and hawlkie and the god-like gough (and does any other country in the world have an ex-prime minister pronounced 'goth'? it makes me proud .:wipes tears from her eyes:.) but johnny, seriously, you should start a campain to change the offical spelling of this young and free land girt by sea to austraila, which not only would make you squilliously popular but make all my blathers legitamite. then you could market that as a sister to vegemite and people would remember you till time immoral as something more than the whiny schoolboy git with scabby knees that they regard you as now.

love to your daughter (just ask, she'll remember me)

(awed) cube We are in the presence of royalty...
god how do most austrailians feel about ac/dc? i wonder.... they're so popular over here. i was in a shitty band in high school that only played ac/dc and lynyrd skynyrd. what about the little river band? men at work was great, i thought. isn't rick springfield from there? crocodile dundee? yahoo serious?
what brought that on? not that i'm criticizing. americans are responsible for atrocities like "new kids on the block" and countless more.
i was just curious. maybe i'm a dumbass, but i'm a curious dumbass.
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