hoodrat audrey is a girl that i met at a friend's party last september. i can honestly say that i have never met someone that could do such a great cartman impression. it almost seemed like fate at the moment. drinking tequila and who knows what else, i challenged her to a race (the subject of running track came up). we raced, i fell, the rest is history. i think we kissed for nearly 30 minutes as i bled in her driveway. now yes, i wanted to ask her out, i wanted to kiss her...but i don't think either of us tried. it just happened. we stayed up all night just talking about how life is so confusing, how uncertain things are. i don't think i have ever met someone that i've connected with so quickly. the next day we argued about who kissed whom first. before i left i asked her if she would consider a date, an action which led to that_moment. 010119
moonshine And I remeber the day, I found Audreys ID and I decided I WAS Audrey from this instance onward. 010119
p2 yay!
my roman holiday dvd
has been shipped!

how 'bout them
broncos, eh?

is it even football season?
girl_jane Hepburn. Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. I want an orange cat. 021125
drunkeemonkee my name is audrey and i was named after the famous mizz hepburn. i think there are traits that come along with the name. the girl you described above...kinda describes me too. the arguing about who kissed who first? something that i would fact, ive already done it. the impressions? haha...bebe, you aint seen nothing yet! i have quirks that people love me for. and i have to say...if i had a more common name like....jane or..madison or something...i dont think id be who i am so....along with my name...came my mold of what i would become...its all in my name...Audrey 030603
megan his little cousin
she was so cute when i first met her, she had this brown hair that would fall in her face and she would whip it out of the way as if she were a full grown woman
then she would smile
and she listens to her sister to the death, which i found was funny
and she had these bright expressive eyes, that look like his a lot, which just made me want to hug her even more
she was just beautiful
celestias shadow audrey hepburn is my goddess 031112
somebody she has that uncertain, short, and quiet laugh.
And that blonde hair with those blue eyes that hide behind silver-framed glasses.
She seems so distant....
silentbob I want to write you a long letter explaining how you made me feel when you dropped off the face of the planet and became a total ice queen, but it's just not something we do. we own our shit and move on. We rise above and hope we find someone better (than you) next time.

I hate getting letters like that, anyway, and I imagine how I would look to write one.
silentbob Oh weird, it's been a year since the last time we were together together 161117
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