andrea 1. teeth: nice, straight, white
2. eyebrows: character, not too bushy
3. eyes: clear and honest
4. hair: not greasy, touchable
5. shoulders: can carry a burden
6. hands: strong but can be tender
7. butt: of course this is in here
Spete (Je t'aime.) 000406
doggy 1. mind: nice, straight, white
2. mother: character, not too bushy
3. pancreas: clear and honest
4. shoulder pads: not greasy, touchable
5. earlobes: can carry a burden
6. cutlery: strong but can be tender
7. whistling capability: of course this is in here
e anela the irresistiible force that holds me in orbit around you like some odd sexual gravity.

i hope one day my orbit decays at just enough of a slight angle to allow me the chance to slowly and quietly crash into you
ellen makes me ache inside to want one fingertip down the length of your mouth on yours..
..the heat of your breath..oh..I can't think about it.
chanaka my panties feel my attraction to you 010302
silentbob i'm aroused by your utter normalcy
how calm you have the power to make me feel
confabulation you looked at me
i held your gaze
silent arrest
he saw us both
knew what was happening

i had you when i could.
wanted you to hold me long as you would

tickled lips
licking the soft matter that is your mouth.

how I'd die to be the one you love every night.
DanetteTN915 Not too long ago, in my mind, we were in my room trying to be quiet enough as to not wake up the roommate. Danger of being discovered, not only that night but the next day. Trying to keep up appearances, keeping the tension beneath the surface. Then secret conflict. Much much later, in your mind, I still puzzle you. You told me you loved me, when you thought I wasn't cognizant. Now my secret is your secret. I didn't hear, but it was said. Tension. You think you love me, why else would you have thought about me during the 23 week separation? Simple: I am not like the others, and I won't give in just because you have pretty eyelashes. 011014
Sonya the sullen feline Your insanity and whimsy drive me absolutely crazy. Nothing could possibly be more exciting. Your laughter, the poetry that spews from your lips, or from your fingertips. Those eyes...deep with joy and so much pain. A personality built upon loving everyone around you. Touchable hair. Compassion and kissable lips. The way you tease me and of course, your vast intelligence for everything that encompasses a good man. 011015
Alexander Beetle The magnet and the iron. The sex of science! 011028
trin is the most mysterious force.
it is found in places
never before explored
never before imagined.
it is uncontrollable
and has no limitations
unless the other
does not know.
does not see it.
then it becomes
an exciting secret,
exotic and filled with lust.
josie The depth of my eyes grew intense when I looked over at him and it was though he saw it happen, from the other side of the room.

The unmistakable look of attraction.

My eyes grew deeper and I felt for a moment that all i needed was That One Embrace to make all others dissolve away.
kaite I know I should get next to you
You got a look that made me think you're cool
But it's just sexual attraction
Not something real
So I'd rather keep whackin
Why bother
It's gonna hurt me
It's gonna kill when you desert me
This happened to me twice before
It won't happen to me anymore
di luce Something is definitely wrong with me. I shouldn't be the slightest bit attracted to her. I should be colder than Artic water and as aloof as a comet. But I am. And I'm not.

Damn it.
User24 what attracts you here?

the colour or the words?

everyone here like the blue colour, right? (not in comparison to red, but as a standalone colour)

so I was thinking that maybe there's something in colour therapy, and maybe this frequent dark blue infusion is having an effect on our persona?

wotcha-all think?
carlita yes, the color definately helps. calming... 030620
I cant tell. Last summer, there was this one day. It was very hot and I remember: You wore a black t-shirt. It wasn't loose and grungy. It was tight. And not your usual style. I could see your sweat. We were all sweating. But you had just walked to school. When I saw you in your t-shirt and blue jeans, I could feel my blood rush downwards. Towards some empty space. I felt like one of those woman out of the coke adds. Drooling over the window washer with his dark unshaven italian looks. Your dark flopped over your eyes just so (it always does- you like it like this) You're so very tall. 6" something. I think about kissing you against a wall someplace. In the last light of the day. You slouch and look at the ground when you walk down hallways. I try hard not to watch you everytime. But sometimes it's just hard.
To look away.
puredream It must be some sort of attraction or something. Or maybe a novelty? I don't know. I just accept the fact that I like kissing you. It's fun. And I feel safe around you. Maybe I'm attracted to that. Feeling safe. 040620
no reason some people just seem to have others gravitate to them; it amazes me a little
i wonder if anyone will ever be attracted to me
i wonder if i will let them
what's it to you?
who go