frAnk if you're like me, blather is a part of your daily existence. morning coffee, world cafe, public radio international, fucking blasts the watts, spin your world around. You come. You read. You look for your favorites to see if they posted.

yet something is missing. what if we wanted to know more about the people we like to read? We know them by their words, but our knowledge of the hows and whys and the inner workings of heart, soul, and mind are severely limited.

That's why i'm starting innerviews. it's for all of us who just want to know more.

the concept is simple. when you see your name beside innnerviews as a blather post, answer the questions. keep looking because the questions will keep coming.

if you want to be a part of this, e-mail me. I have selected my good friend lu_cid to begin.

thanks for your interest and stay cool. blatherkids rock the world.
florescent light That is a beautiful idea.
And I might find it fun to take part, if I feel eager enough to share more of myself with the people of blather.

However, part of the wonderfulness of blather is that you don't know about the other person.

Kind of like an old black-and-white photograph of the great-grandparents you've never met.

You stare at the photograph...
...and wonder.

These people who were before your time suddenly posess a magical quality.

You begin to imagine.

Maybe the anyonimity of blather is what makes it so precious.

Instead of seeing the person, you see only words, feelings, and thoughts.

Soon you begin to relate to the feelings, words, and thoughts...and wonder.

These people could be anybody, but it doesn't matter who they are, only that they share these amazing words.

And suddenly it's magic.

Maybe that's what it's all about.
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