zavyman It is that outreach
That test of your self
To speak those immortal words
That show your desire

A stab in the darkness
A test of one's feelings
Such an intrepid action
That makes one so vulnerable

But oh the rewards
Far outweigh any such threat
And so thus you do try
To love once again
the_dark_knight will you never learn 000808
the_dark_knight this is my reward for offering the last
olive branch. I have a grounds for a
lawsuit, the means to find you, i tell
you i will let it go and you reward me ]
with this. You have have a small mind
"zavyman" i guess a leopard can change it's spots, but it is still a leopard.

there will still be no legal action
anyway (im filthy rich NOW) besides,if
i saw your face, i would probably just
SPEW. (my own countenance resembles
apollo not your FAKE stichomancy choice)

I am done with you you supercioious fool.
zavyman I'm sorry, dark night, but I am new here... what is going on and why are you threatening me? 000808
Joana. I've always wished to remain alienated from any occasional interaction that might take place on Blather... but this time the entries that I've read lately have seriously upset me. Is everyone completely insane? Is it that inevitable to begin arguments through such a liberal system as this? And why are there so many belligerent characters around here lately, willingly destroying the whole peaceful mood of this site? And obviously those characters enjoy making their fast but unfounded conclusions on innocent (and in this case, quite interesting) blathes. I guess any sort of community, even if through the internet, is always bound to be corrupted by the sheer stupidity of the human race.
I just hope I'll find the will to return here again.
Lindsey I keep attempting to complete my makeup work for all my classes, but I just don't care enough to put forth any effort. Is that bad? 010328
... attempt, will, willpower, intent 020122
ClairE It's all we can do. Even not making an attempt is attempting not to get involved or hurt. 020122
scorpion heart the world surrenders itself to me, why, i can be anything, attempt anything, no limits to this opened sky and no one to stop my knowledge. i attempt to begin onto this vast journey-where am i destined? leaving my house each morning burning my lips on coffee as i drive each event taking place turning me into a new direction unlike any other, each event taking place, each second i hesitate or each second i lie changing my life. determining the outcome. i attempt to fight the best fight for my destiny. 031116
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