ingifict_oer i can keep kicking myself in the teeth til i have to eat with the aid of a straw if that's what i have to do 030809
hey now! at-one-ment 030809
stork daddy you do so many wrongs that you start to lose track, the faces start to blur together. and even though at the start you exaggerated the wrong you did, you saw hurt where there was none, you eventually rationalized your way to real hurts, defending yourself always by saying, i'm not as bad as this person, or that person. you don't even know where to start your atonement. you don't even know what the good life to live is. and yet you can't give up. you wait for an answer that's not forthcoming from a god who may not be how you think it is. 040317
andru235 wind over water
gives a clean feeling
but does not part
the towering clouds in my sky

this clear conscience
muddles the path
what's it to you?
who go