birdmad ($1 fee if not rewound) stupid customers with shit taste in movies can be a frightening thing

but at least that summer i got to hang out with friends and watch movies...

it was the equivalent of "high_fidelity" but with movies instead

we had a customer who we called "six_on_moday" for reasons i will leave, for the moment, to yourimagination

the very large ex-con renting porn to his mom's account and asking us to help him find all the movies with the most gratuitous nudity

the lady with the nerve to get upset with the news that the tapes she brought back over a month late had a $240 dollar late charge

the moron who came in every week asking if we had any copies in of movies that were barely coming out in theatres

comedy, every last bit of it
silentbob I applied. I filled it out at the store. I answered the questions how i thought the boss would want them answered, especially when it came to drug-related questions.
I handed it. I left.
I continued to rent there because they were the prime source of videos. And the lady would always tell me she had been so busy she couldn't get around to calling me yet...but that next week she might get around to it.
And she just kept telling me that until i moved away.
MollyCule try not to work there, it fucking sucks. It's scary when someone can say, "you know, that one . . .with that guy in it" and you can actually figure out what title it is. 020313
bryanfrbs sounds like something out of clerks........

what a great movie
kevin smith is a genius
unhinged he's worked there forever. we were in the stupid town again and she couldn't bear the things we were around. we decided to stop in at the video store, but only if he was working. we drove around the store looking and i said "this is just great; i'm stalking my exboyfriend" and we laughed. we walked in, wandered around, hoping he would notice us without having to be obtuse, but subtelty was never his thing. we walked right up to him and i got the whole butterfly_in_my_stomach thing because we were in a period of silence and every silence felt more and more final. i only had the defense of a bitter tongue and he stopped and pointed at my pink hair. i loved my self-fulfilling prophecy. it was so much easier to act like a bitch when expected to because i never had a good experience with being exposed. i didn't like being laughed at or making other people cry tears of guilt. he would laugh. he didn't want people to think he cried. we had passed the hot rod cafe on our way there...i kept spitting venom at me and he would snort and look at me with his 'why are you such a bitch to me?' look and not say anything. i couldn't stop myself; the words just kept coming out. i always pushed people away with words whether i meant to or not. 020313
unhinged *him 020313
me i remember walks there...its only 3 blocks from my house. if he was there...then i would be too. it was an obsession....funny how things work out 020316
lycanthrope Me and my friend saw this old man come in and he went to the porno section and he came back with the most sincere look of anguish on his face.

"The section is closed?" flooded.

"Oh...okay" (heart falls to the floor and beats it's pathetically weak beats)

"We've got some in that basket over there" (shopping cart with three or four sordid pornos littered across it)

"'s okay." (looks like this was all he looked forward to all week, leaves) (pause for maximum comedic tension...minutes pass)

(man re-enters the store, head down, straight to the basket...after much perusing)

"I've already seen all of these....oh well....(takes them to the counter, checks out and drives back to his corner of the world)

(me to friend) If i'm ever that person...shoot me...please shoot me if that's my life...actually just shoot me now on the offchance that my life will become that."
yummyC we found our memories 020316
kerry i wander around because nothing's good 020317
onceidid Some times you rent really silly movies
like children shouldnt play with dead things and so on and yes
Jay and Silent bob movies
kill rhythm my mom made me take a video back. of all days, she needed me to return in on the only day of the week that he was there. and TODAY of all days...that was the last thing i needed.

im glad they have an outside dropbox
mishmosh ditch the video store
the library is so much cheaper
in fact its free
try it sometime
or netflix
netflix is the shit
what's it to you?
who go