endless desire this guy deserves a page. 030722
ashmanzhou i doth not

perpetuate not this ridiculousness
(not that i lack worthiness...)
but it is not a desire to see
any coherency to myself
and to mine ideas
i seek only in comparison to others thought
not in a majority over others thought
r1y9a6n4 he sure does. one of the most captivating blathes i have ever read: woman_passing_by 031212
blather gender check she 031212
mon i miss... 031212
pipedream misses too
hopes is well

(she, isn't her a?)
Webley She, he, it, is text read by us, them, they, this. 040212
misstree you are thought of and missed.
you will return soon and safely.
so says i. don't make me lie, neh?
u24 where is? 040618
Webley Where is? ...... to infinity- apart of this, you leave shared thoughts, desperate feelings, all part of this progression through the human condition. 050129
oldephebe every now and then i wonder, and then i just say a simple prayer...

and now i've got to go and wash my mouth/head out because it reeks of odious cliche - but then cliches ARE odious soo....
RIC You meant to say cliches are in and of themselves odious as a category of expression.

what's it to you?
who go