nullspace home.
or ex-home i suppose.
don't get to go there as much as i would like.
it's so completely different from la.
sort of a healing place really.
sometimes i do get to see old and new friends who come down here to visit though, and that makes me smile.
i'll have to go again soon.
ikon theatre heaven. and the best chocholate malts anywhere. mmmmmm. 000221
gaudior heaven...also great sandwiches, tshirts, boats, and other stuff. i didn't get lost once! 000223
god home of the famed mass transit suicide 010223
nanny the fake name that the lake told her daughter with three father's 020520
HQOFU Smalls of my back are starting to get large again and I don't think the new Victor Skelton will help the pain.(Oh well the lion thinks) Theaters have always left a strange glint in my eye ,I wonder why? 030515
god biggie smalls of your back in the ussr?
my back, my lower back. i need a back rub i think...
what's it to you?
who go