werewolf I think there is no such thing as a person with nothing interesting to say. You merely need to know how to look. We all, whether we like it or not, think far too much for anything we ever say to be completely uninteresting. All of our words are informed by massive histories, massive amounts of hidden information, and mind boggling processes. So even the most dull person is saying something whether they say it explicitly or not, whether they even recognize it. This information may be of little use to you though, and on that note uninteresting. But i think in general, we clamor for any mystery. And anytime we proclaim someone as dull, we are illuding ourselves, turning a blind eye to the tension in their words, imagining their words as consistent and free of turmoil, as predictable and bland, when in fact their words are informed by thoughts as varied as contained in the best of novels, albeit less eloquently and precisely expressed. The thing about precision in language is that it is more about capturing massive amounts of thought with few words than saying it all. A good choice of words draws clean light over all the "subjectively empirical" associations of that word, that is the familiar associations, but also leaves dimly lit paths branching off in many other angles, teasing what was meant, what will be futhered in the next choice of words. Seeing this texture in a person's "same old story" is like being a sculpture and knowing that even the most common chunk of marble harbors david. 020524
me I want to find 100_things_about_me 030506
andru235 wow, that is excellently worded, werewolf. 050725
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