birdmad in the mood for low comedy are we ever original?

yes, sometimes...

other times we are
farmfish clever is what thee mad bird is bein.' 021003
freakizh nah. we only recollect and puke the same stuff over and over. 021004
Snook the question isn't even original 051202
IGG well we are the only ones around to live our lives, so why waste time dweeling on what other people have done before us and lamenting what is (or isnt) original?
how about you just do something you havent done before.
it's original for you.
who gives a fuck about what the world judges?
doh dwelling 051202
Evilair only thing that's really original is the fact that I am me, and you aren't.. but you can even doubt that, since it counts for everyone 051203
andru235 are we ever unoriginal?!? 051203
what's it to you?
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