emma pissy it's typically when i'm upset that i start crunching out the so-called big words.

"'think different'!? what the fuck? I really REALLY HOPE that the crux of this campaign is the near-paradoxical irony of a bloody ADVERTISEMENT suggesting that one 'think different' .. this dichotomy is so glaring it virtually invalidates itself, no? no? when, when, WHEN will advertisers learn that their audience already KNOWS that there is NO INDIVIDUALITY IN CONSUMERISM?"

okay, so i mostly put this up to see how many of those so-called big words had links.
kat what do teachers do with all those apples they get? why do people give them apples in the first place? 990424
jessica i have all these apples and carrots in the produce bin of my fridge and i haven't eaten any of them. and they're probably no longer edible. 990926
pussycat the most delicious fruit with it's very own stereotype.
just try and bite into a big, red, juicy apple whil having a conversation with a boy. all they can think about is how if the two of you were in the garden of eden, humankind would be doomed.
apple blossom 000527
tourist Typically apples are cast in the roll of the Forbidden Fruit. But I for one think of the Foridden Fruit as being something far more soft and juice laden, the kind of fruit that you can't eat without the slick succulent juice running down your chin, and beyond...
Something exotic and tropical , like
silentbob i just happen to like apples
and i am not afraid of snakes
ever dumbening i met a woman named 'apple'
my brother had a friend named 'toast'
"cap" i once heard: i saw yo mama standin naked on the street corner with a piece of toast in her hand talkin bout 'jam on it'
J how u like dem apples? apple is a retarded name. why dont u name your kid pubert or some shit. 020227
misstree a symbol of wisdom,
especially when golden.
lycanthrope it's a lot to get into, i mean, so much was read into it's insides,
just because they're a little sweet,
and a little tart, a little rueful.
What can be justified in a taste,
how much can one fruit say about our hunger?
blueberry I knew a girl named Apple, but she couldn't wait to go back to Australia and marry her boyfriend. She was friends with Giggles. 020228
astro I like apples, but only for a while. After I eat, at the most, half of the apple, I get bored. The taste is too dull. Mango's i REALLY like. I think mango's are just wonderful, if not the best fruit. I also like peaches, they're quite nice. 020301
yummyC oh mangos are the best. ima have one right now.

hello kitty is obsessed with apples. trust me, I know. sanrio has sucked me up
something that sucks really hard. oh, I know! erica!
distorted tendencies Pectin, eat away all me cholestoral. 020302
sirflaccid My first word 020429
Freak utopia 020503
blue star in the irish tradition, when a man and a woman share an apple, they are bound together forever. 020504
Mahayana [{reminders of a true loves mother}] 020504
Freak Origional Sin 020517
testing one_two_three
whitechocolatewalrus apple juice. 040101
kx21 Woman-nag in Apple

ensured that

the Man_talk (e.g. 30 June's Table) of Orange faded over time...
kx21 Matrix_revelation:-

Let Apple = "Genuine" Iraqis
. iLink- what_constituted_'genuine'_iraqis 040827
kx21 "Apple":-

The_Saddam_Magic and its Duck_Tale...
ipi37 The best computers in the world 041007
applegirl it is the pureness
unprocessed and beauty
it is the cold against hip bones and anorexia
it is eve and autumn
and the sweetest sweet
that makes me sweet
to only eat apples for weeks
and when he kisses me
he kisses the apples
and when we come
we come apples
Fearless Leader seed 041218
epitome of i Apple is the Pod of my i. It is very metaphorical and metaphysical. 060407
marjorie i have one in my refrigerator.
it is old and i should throw it away
who knows what's happened to it in the dark cold hell that is the crisper
flowerock nice_manager: "hey I saw you eat an apple earlier, I ate one too, you gave me the idea!"

spreading the apple vibration! eat an apple today! all the cool kids are doing it ; )
epitome of incomprehensibility I did and I didn't even see this! It's either magic, or the fact that apples are plentiful and cheap in Kebekia. I'll say both. 140914
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