Aaroni Parponi What's with the word "Apocolypse"?!
i have a "Pake"(he is my dutch grandfather)
So does "apocolypse" really say "a Pake lips"
cause my pake done take no for an answer!
so in a way he does lip people. so pakes may very well lip..
that's all.
whutever I prefer the word armageddon, it's so much cooler.
BUT apocolypse now was a good movie and armageddon sucked ass...
sean everyone's always talking about the apocolypse and how we are all going to die... but no one wants to believe it will happen to them. should i have kids or not? hmmmm.... 000125
friar tuck Bruce Cockburn, explaining his song The Last Night of the World:

The champagne notion I owe, I actually, to Sam Phillips who is a great ongwriter and a good friend, who toured with us some years back, and at one point she saw me carrying this backpack I was always lugging around loaded with books and useful things, powerbars, flashlights, rope, other useful things and she said, "What are you carrying in that thing anyway?" I said, "It was everything I needed for the apocalypse," and she just stopped and looked at me, and in my mind I picture her putting her hands on her hips, and giving this quizzical expression, and she just said, "What do you need for the apocalypse besides champagne and a couple of glasses?" and I thought that was the most succinct statement you could possibly make about the correct attitude toward the end of the world, so that's where that came from.
Silent Bob If the world were going to end tonight at 12 I'd laugh at steal a car to go to Clarion so I could spend it with the right person instead of with the assholes in this town. 000614
heart of darkness Colonel Kurtz, as he lays dying:

"The horror, the horror..."
shiva i think you're all spelling it wrong. 000929
grendel Apocalypse

of course most people don't realize that Armageddon is actually not and event but a place

the location of the final apocalyptic battle

i think it would be a good place to build a nice tourist-riddled strip-mall ust in case it actually happens

mr. garrison It's spelled apocalypse, mmm-kay? 000930
shiva i actually have a professor that says mmm-kay. it's so funny, and he doesn't know why. 000930
deathwasp the gods power was of cataclysmic proportions, they were consumed by a fire storm. they were purified by pain. 030818
Mesdup Robot minds of robot slaves lead them to atomic rage
plastic flowers, melting sun, fading moon falls upon
dying world of radiation, victims of mad frustration
Burning globe of oxy'n fire, like electric funeral pyre
-"Electric Funeral"
Black Sabbath
three words apocolypse lasting happened 050403
what's it to you?
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