ethereal You follow the dampened stairwell
In a twisted direction of fate
Seeking out false knowledge to hide
And forgiveness, to pretend

A falling star once graced you
Once or twice today
Pulled you further and further
From where you knew you must be

Your thoughts are of what's meant to be
The processes and the path
To look upon the whole great world
And seek all that stand within

At your core you hum great symphonies
The melodic and forever
Touching the seas of greatness
And breathing the sighs of relief

Tomorrow and a day haven't come
To hold your faithful hand
Not showing you the lighted fire
The passionate breasted dream

You question triumphantly, knowing not
Of reasons that are so close-by
Deceitfully revealing the frozen lines
That wander so frivolously

Love not what you want nor what you love
Follow the dim pattern of always
Don't become any of your visions
Stay forever hidden

Silly beast in your great mind
Eating up the whole of the moon
Run further and farther and deeper away
Be not who you are if you will

I look at your face
The roundness within
The luminescent eyes
The core

I see you running all ways, but none
Looking and hiding
Going everywhere the wrong way
Smiling incandescently

Stop running in circles
Around and around
You'll get no distance further
Than where you wish or wish not to be

It's all one great circle
One whole, one one
So stop trying to fight and to fly to
Anywhere but here
luminesence K 040520
ethereal vague. yes. so one doesn't fully know the meaning or the intent or the to who. ahem. be quiet. 040520
fugazi "Burning Too"

Anytime but now
Anywhere but here
Anyone but me
I've got to think about my own life
We are consumed by society
We are obsessed with variety
We are all filled with anxiety that this world would not survive
We gotta put it out the sky is burning
We gotta put it out the water's burning
We gotta put it out the earth is burning
Outrage but then they say...
Anytime but now
Anywhere but here
Anyone but me
I've got to think about my own life
The world is not our facility
We have a responsibility
To use our abilities to keep this place alive
Right here right now
Do it. Now. Do it.
phil there 040521
Fire&Roses And there was safety in your arms... warmth by your side... joy in your house... love when I was with you...

And now I go anywhere but here.
JustOnMonday I've been here for so long, searching endlessly for an exit.
I've always known something would go wrong, you always talked so much shit.
This place has become a part of me, but it will never be me.
You'll agree, I really hate this place, but I never had it in me to run.
I'll escape and leave one loved face, but I won't regret ending your fun.
This place is all I ever see, but not all I ever want to see.
But in reality, forgetting this and leaving here is what I need.
Screw your steel trap heart and those eyes and lies that you feed.
This place is everything I never wanted to be, but in the end it might be all I'll ever be.
In actuality, I'm sure I'll miss you even though I hate you.
I wish when passion grew and you said the L word it had been true.
This is not me.
Here I cannot see.
Please let the ending be.
Love is all I will ever fear.
Just please send me anywhere but here.
mood ring it seems i say this too often...i want to be anywhere but here, but not over there, and over there isnt good either. 040803
witchesrequiem is the same shit differnt scenery...

why bother leaving..?
innocent insect i_disappoint_me 050616
Lemon_Soda Anywhere but here, just wouldn't do. I only know that I am alive and can see and breath and think here. Now.

I can enjoy that.

Anywhere but here is not. Why would I ever pine for it, then?

I_disapoint_me to not be happy with where I put myself.
Lemon_Soda i_disappoint_me that is. 050616
unhinged living_alone
Lemon_Soda No optimism presents itself,
Surety has fled,
My surreal selfishness,
Envelopes my head,

No, I"m not perfect,
My environment tells me so,
I'm less than I should be,
I'm improving way to slow,

I have this dumpy feeling,
A blah soul, incomplete,
A wash of dirty water,
From my head to feet,

I'm typing this here,
Hopeing I don't hear shit,
I feel like my 4 year old,
On the verge of a fit,

I can't, I want,
I have to,
I won't, I'll stop,
I cry to


frget it
what's it to you?
who go