deb ?


didn't think so
twiggie ahhh but insanity makes it all so much more interesting.. 010121
Thyartshallshant Exactly! 010122
sabbie hey deb.

if you can define 'sane' for me, i'll tell you whether i am or not.


love, respect, icecreams, falling autum leaves and big sand castles shaped like dragons, sabbie.
tourist Sanity for Humanity
Is but a state of mind.
Maturity for sureity
Adolescents rarely Find.

They rattle on
And disturb my peace of Mind.

Normality in Reality
Is just this way I fear.
As long as Blather's Open
There's no telling what we'll hear.
chanaka my spork says that i am not insane. so does my mug. but my salad said that i should eat lite ranch dressing.......... 010122
squirrel left_here? You mean I could get left here!?! I don't want to get stuck here!!
please someone get me out of this web page!!
I think everyone sane left here.
-now it's just me...
deb sanity, as of yesterday,
the day of the lovely
wedding of our 15-year-old
to a girl who
i think
only meant to ammuse him,
was left behind in the late hours
before dawn-
i was just wondering if
anyone was left
who didn't think of
or use this glorious place
as a chatroom-
nothing more, nothing less.
it saddens me to see this place
i love fall to pieces.
but i stay.
until that army of
teeny-boppers marches through the gates,
through the ravaging of
the once-thoughtful minds of
the inhabitants here
(some are thoughtful still,
but many are hollow-minded now)
i will stay.
until the walls come crashing down
and the world i know
as pure and good
(i still like to remember it that way)
burns to smoldering rubble,
i will stay.
and on that day,
i can only hope that
someone will create a new home
for us.
is anyone sane?
i don't know anymore.
Thyartshallshant Wait wait wait, are you calling me a teeny-bopper? And blather is not a chatroom, and I never made it that. I just because your "thoughtful" blather-ers don't come around and amuse you like they use to doesn't mean everythings changed and it certainly doesn't mean if it had that it was my fault. Blather isn't dead, dying or even unhappy. Blather can't be any of that, it's just WORDS. WORDS. W-0-R-D-S. Why can't people understand that all blather really is as a whole is words, sometimes more words, sometimes less words. So if your not happy with the current set of words than WRITE more words. Be philosopical, be smart, be nerdy, be whatever the hell you want to be. But blather is big enough for all of us. 010122
misstree "just words."

yes and no. words have no more power than what we put into them.

but blather is a place of power. a place where people have, at times, turned seven words into a mystical revelation.

seems some people are disgruntled because seagulls have moved in and drowned out the monks.

quit worrying about whether the changes people see are personal attacks and think about whether or not you do it, and whether or not it's a good thing.

yes, blather is big enough for everyone, but increased volumes of crap (no finger pointing, just general perception) gets a bit like shouting in a cathedral.

/end rant
not anon Those that say don't know.
Those that know won't say.
This is all I'll write.
Now I Go Away.
chanaka why must there be a conflict in everything? 010123
Thyartshallshant on hiatus I can handle that Misstree. 010123
Quiggz blather is smoking crack

You are blather. as am I, and he, and she, and it. Blather is us. And them. And a state of mind. The Magical_Mystery_Blathe is coming to take you away. And you make the ride. So, basicly, I just rearranged what Thyartshallshant said. Bah.
Quiggz Roll out!
Roll out for the Mystery Blathe!
Roll out!
Roll out for the Mystery Blathe!
It's an invitation
(Roll out for the Mystery Blathe!)
Make a reservation
(Roll out for the Mystery Blathe!)
Thyartshallshant *scared* 010123
pathwrat i'd rather be here...
with all the madmen
than perish with the sad men roaming free
yes id rather be here
with all the mad men
i'm quite content, they're just the same as me.
Formerly G_wiz 13 now Deputy Mayor no one is sane. what is sanity? Am I sane... FUCK NO IM NOT and i wouldnt have it any other way. 010209
lost sanity is only a compilation of what others think and what professionals say about you.fight it. with all you've got. 010430
devalis how would the world survive nowadays if there were any sane people left? 020818
morphine. paf wah loot novez. 021211
. . 040311
see sane 040311
(_) yes. people are so strong, no, really.

please let it be so.
what's it to you?
who go