unhinged in an effort to quit smoking weed, i started drinking. how_i_became_a_drunk

i didn't have a drink today. tired all day and now i can't fall asleep.

i wish i didn't need chemicals, steel, ink, to feel something besides the big aching hole in my chest. my brother doesn't even respond to my text messages anymore. it's the crazy season, creeping close. i just want to sleep when the sun's up. all my endeavors feel useless. i don't know why i try. no matter what, there's still this big gaping empty lonely hole. nothing works for long. antsy like a supernova burnt out to darkness.

my_depression_is_like_a_hole_in_the_ground ?
unhinged my_depression_is_a_hole_in_the_ground

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unhinged right_now

if i sit still
the heartbreak becomes unbearable
the future is terrorizing me
what's it to you?
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