Bizzar If you could trust me with any one person in the world, it would be him. And after all this time, yes I have finally gotten you to say it in words, that I have your trust. But yet, so much anger, so much sarcasm, and so much jealousy. Please tell me will this get better?

Nothing means more to me than the fact that he respects me, he respects you and he respects our relationship. He is one of the closest people in my life, someone I can trust, someone I enjoy myself with, one of the few outside of you. You want me to have friends, you want me to have my own life yet you condemn the few whose company I perfer. You cant even be convinced otherwise. You're right and thats it. Well you're not.

Its not easy for a girl to befriend a guy without there being some kind of emotional fuck up, but the fact that hes not even interested in anything but my friendship is why I love hanging out with him so much, if only there were a way for you to know, for you to see so you would believe me.

Im sorry you feel the way you do. But the only condolence I can offer you is that you are wrong.
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