guaranteed_eternal_sanctuary_man "The dark side of the earth, illuminated by your radiance; easy to find when world is so small..."

This truly is one lazy little prince,
Who refuses to quest this wondrous world,
But having departed his own, rued since,
And waited for his secret to be unfurled.

He waited for his dear rose to seek him,
To give light even when both lost in dark,
To give soft words, offer rapturous hymn,
To blaze with energy, fly as a lark.

Now here, she is tired, so he renews her.
And guarded by four slight thorns, she had feared,
So he protects, makes light of past danger.
And now freed from loneliness, they were cheered.

And so a little prince may love a rose,
And bring our happy story to a close.

i'm always there with you,

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