does birdmad own cats or do cats own birdmad? Tonya, crying and howling because she somehow managed to climb up and get herself wedged in between the top of the front door and the ceiling and then becomes little miss pissy_cat when i go to get her unstuck.

And then Shadow, who decides that today is a good day to randomly walk up to me and yell "mrrrrr-EEEYOOOOOOOO!" right in my ear as if she wants something and then runs off, hides in the corners and looks for newer hard-(for me)-to clean niches in the house where she can pee.

are you trying to drive me up the wall today?

of course, right now they are both curled up and sleeping like a pair of cute, but not-so-little-anymore fuzzballs, so i can't stay too mad at them, but yeah, today there was some temptation to give the word CATapult a whole new meaning.
white_wave says meow my cat Cheeky likes to climb on me while I'm sleeping. This morning wasn't so pleasant because I was half_awake and she walked on my stomach. It so much that the stomach_walking was uncomfortable. It was that I had to pee and I'm just getting over a blather_infection. 040307
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