iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i've read wuite a few of your blathes...
you seem very intriguing and i'd like to talk to you more!
thanks loads for posting on my page...
bearing in mind i actually said woooo out loud when i saw your post on my page *blushes* i bet i find out now you posted on the wrong page.
(omg i wish i hadn't said that now i feel really paranoid)
anyway, i like the way that you blathe.

stop by and chat sometime on my page if you want, or here, or email me?

thanks again ^_^
anne-girl well, i giggled happily at this blathe, so I think we're even ;) 041207
keep breathing i like your blathes, anne_girl. especially 100_facts_about_me. 050108
anne-girl thank you :) 050108
epitome_of_incomprehensibility I have figured out your true identity, shnobergok. You are the Vice-President of Cambodia! That being said, why did you have to go and use the name of my former role model for your blathernym?
*sniff* I need more scope for the imagination. Well, there's plenty of that on blather. So long, VP of C.
anne-girl the
of Cambodia
le sigh. I'm sure I do not know of what you speak. Raving maniac.
And here I thought anne-girl was [my] role model...
However, I claim the middle name as my exclusive property (that i know three (three!) other people who also lay claim to it is irrelevant)
marie Yes, dotcomrade, I did deduce your reasoning; however, I am not known for being the epitome of seriousness. (Makes funny faces.) 050809
somebody thanks so much for the index_of_i_v2! 060930
anne-girl you're welcome 061001
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