take no offense from my words
just wanting to light up truth
while i can't run away
i dream of a far off place
full of (a quiet pause)
& devoid of any semblance of peace
the river runs to a red sea
while tears flow
the flowered pillowcase soaks them up
night after night
year after year
stay silent, my ambitions
you'll never amount to anything
i can do anything you will
never be able to do better
why should i be punished
because of the childhood torture?
how do i go about finding you?
the light at the end of the tunnel
following blindly is dangerous
so is faith, my friend
pardon the stained sheets
they've been like that for years
you said what?
never again will you address me that way
where is the respect i deserve?
no i don't believe in the toothfairy
or santa claus either
those are for kids
& i'm a...
lost under the hood of darkness
i creep & never find light

copyright 2000
confabulation fake laugh at your stupid jokes.
I only do this so I have someone.

maybe if you never said a word
stayed silent for all our time.
looked pretty, and held me close
its all i really want from you.
silentbobfuckyou fleeting unforgettable moment you spend without me that breaks my heart. why the fuck should i care about this stupid stupid shit? please someone tell me. 010718
what's it to you?
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