panda what a lovely and happy name
did u know it means full of love
zavyman Comes from the latin verb amo, meaning to love. Amanda is a gerundive of amo, in the feminine singular nominative case, usually translated as loving. 000808
squeaky crazy! crazy! he he he! tan!wow this is a fun chair! he he he! weeeeeeee! she's nice, but weird! oh, the lies! kitty is cute! panda likes kitty! everyone likes kitty! weeeee! tired! ha ha ha not really, just hyper! panda gets hyper too! ha ha ha she seems so quiet! don't let her fool you! quick there's an attack! get under the table! attila the hun is out to get us all! she'll hurt us all! Aloha! that's a cool word! he he he! i like typing that! ha ha ha! they're taking over our world, McDonalds and NSync, together fortever! Ahhhhhhh! 000808
The Schleiffen Man the formal name of my love who lives away at the moment. she makes me smile my secret smile that only she can see. and no body knows it, but she has a secret smile and she uses it only for me... i love my faerie princess 000808
somebody . 000809
s :) 000810
johnny west Perhaps I could have been an another life. 010304
retartedkidnameddamian amanda? i love amanda! doesnt everyone love amanda? you have to love amanda, just look at her. shes amanda. 010325
femlaboy There is a girl I know named Amanda and her best feature is that her laughter is free. It just flows and flows. Because of that, and her sharp wit, she is always a pleasure to run into. To top it all off, she dresses kind of odd, which is a wonderful thing indeed. 010403
foolonthehill likes owls and painting and books and music and the hope that there is magic. she wishes she were a poet and never knows what she wants. and all that she knows about who she is is that she is me. a self. 011105
nocturnal "it's really windy outside. I hope my pen doesn't dry out!"
I miss all those random little amandaisms.
lost my girlfriends name is amanda. 011106
foolonthehill wishes she could live in a hobbit-hole, but is not sure how to build one.
the walls would be lies anyhow -
but at least the door is round.
intruders are just as tricky
even when they knock first.
bart hugginkiss 020117
lady lunchbox we used to spend the nite at each other's house on friday nites. we used to play dress-up in her basement with her grandmother's old dresses. we had belching contests in my closet with a stolen bottle of warm pepsi on many occasions. we played softball together for many years. we grew apart as we entered high school. we drifted totally apart when she left for college. we talked over the summer, and she listened as i told her about the mistake i made. she always knew how to listen. i've missed her so much, and i've been hoping she would come home.

now she has a daughter, a sweet little squirming pixie named claire_elizabeth. i don't think she's happy...she didn't make the decision that i made, and she'll have to go without for the sake of her child because of it. but she's strong, and she'll make it through. i love them both, and i wish them well.
i've been hoping that they would come home.
James T. McRae It happened at the concert. We got together, a smiling happy girl full of life. Laughing. Tenderness. When it ended we kissed and she departed into the crowd. Absorbed into the collective of potential. All I was left with was a name to hold me. Amanda. For the days following, I realised how alone I was without her. I finally got into contact with her. When I did so however, I realsied how much better I was without her. Its been four days since we started talking and already you are throwing yourself at me. Your personality is strange, a tangled form of traits and weaknesses that I hate, they far outweight the benefits. Its been one week since I thought we come be something. I have lost the feeling for you. I wouldn't ever try to hurt you, I just needed someone to hold me. To fill this void while she was gone. I don't think I'll ever love you. 020419
Syrope my name, although i dont get called it very much. i like manda better anyway 020623
thea my name. or my old one. but see i can't be her. i'm not loved. i want to be thea, who is goddess, or althea, who is wholesome. thea and althea are real girls who stick to things, but amanda was never real because her name didn't fir her. 020821
kerry my friend, who learned how to shuffle a full deck of cards at age three and is soon to be a certified scuba diver. 020821
Torch a girl I know who we call the Worm 020822
mandy It's a name that fits me, and at the same time, doesn't. I want so badly to love and be loved, but I'm afraid of what that means. To be loved, but to accept it? To love, but to be rejected? It's too deep, I'm not ready. I'll just laugh and make funny faces and make a honking noise when someone pokes my nose. That's safe, that's fun, that's absurd in a harmless way. That's what a Mandy should be. 021205
stranded at home sometimes i feel the good ones always get away, but dont let that bring you down. i just wanted to see you smile 030219
Nathan88 whenever i hear this name i squirm becuz i wasted a lot of good years widdling away many possibilites...felt as though i was stranded on a desert island with a straight jacket wrapped around my winter parka...slowly suffocating...thank god i escaped! 030220
ivyducktwilightseto Smart sweet nice sexy experienced deep compatible generous talented skilled giving beautiful lovable Perfect
Girl I'd give my heart to in a second
Girl I'd give my life to in instant
Girl I love with all my heart
Girl that doesn't love me back
My only friend in the world
My high school sweetheart for life
My only one true love
My biggest lie
My biggest dream that won't come true

Lonely distraught poor cast out alone... me

I love her
ivyducktwilightseto I kissed her
Not knowing what I was doing
Regretted not making more of it
Loved her even more
Still doesn't love me back
Loves him
I hate him
birdmad The only woman i ever hit, but that was because i couldn't see that it was her holding the gun in the doorway that night, nor did i know that she was coked-up out of her mind and that the safety on the .45 was on.

That night, i chauffeured her to meet someone who took her to some ridiculously expensive rehab that her husband signed her up for

When i saw her by chance a couple of years later, she said straight out that it wasn't my fault, because she knew i feel guilty about it, but even then, i still can't quite let myself off the hook for it.

It's just as well that i keep my guilt... there's no forgiveness that can't be ungiven somewhere, no excuse that can't be revoked somehow.

knows someday he's gonna burn
ivyducktwilightseto another lonely night without her
4 am and I'm feel like I want to cry
Called her thrice yesterday
Wasn't there
Called her once today
Wasn't there
Sick of trying
giving up
wish i could get out
stop living for a while
not get out of bed tomorrow
she's all i ever had
the embrace i longed for more with every passing moment
the moment that would never come
don't want to get up tomorrow
because she won't be there
and she's all i had left
so just leave me alone world
advertent Amanda must be derived from "amazing".
Quotation marks to make it stand out, not for the sake of grammar.
Like in love, where you must add that special something, even if for the wrong reason(s), just to make it special, to make it stand out.

I stood behind her in a supermarket queue. It could have been anywhere in the world.
She stood in line in front of me but stood at right angles to the line. I thought 'She wants to speak to me; she wants to speak to me'. I thought ĎSheís too pretty, sheís too pretty'.

I saw her standing at the end of my table the next night. It was her, "amazing". She looked incredibly gorgeous, just like the perfect woman which a man dreams up in his mind.

I abandoned my conversation, my drink, my self, to walk to her side.

There she was again before me.

She drew me a map of where she came from in Canada. It was on the back of an old chewing gum wrapper. She said to me ' you should be looking at my drawing, not me'. I kissed her neck, her cheek and then her lips.

She didnít want to come home with me, we kissed again, we talked of meeting again and in this way she passed the adamantine walls of my heart.
who cares its adnama spelled backwards 031209
realistic optimist hugenkiss 031209
demanda hello 040117
ivyducktwilightseto i can hardly go on
i need her so badly
she just acts like she doesn't know
because she feels nothing
and can give nothing in return
i love her so much
but there just isn't anything there
i will push onward
and continue to trudge through life
but i'll be empty without her

i love you
ivyducktwilightseto Well I guess I am fairly over her now. Many thankyous go out to my friends for showing me how horrible of a person she is and how she kept trying to kill our friendship... and how she never liked me in the first place.
It's weird though... there's just something about girls named Amanda. My first "girlfriend" was a girl I met on the internet. What a joke. You gotta forgive me though, I was only 11 and I had less than 0 experience with women
Amanda, the Amanda I've posted about was a girl that I loved for over a year but nothing came of it but pain.
And now there is a third, yes you hear me correctly, a third girl named Amanda. I've known here since I was in 5th grade and just recently started developing a crush on here. Oi what a mess.
It's funny, though, that there are 3 girls I've liked or loved named Amanda, and I haven't had a real relationship with any of them. Oh well...

amanda perhaps you'd have better luck if you tried, say, jill? 040721
Squalidangel My name.... 040722
nvn C amanda run
C amanda jump

do you see amanda
nvn C amanda run
C amanda jump

do you see amanda
nvn C amanda run
C amanda jump

do you see amanda
ron thinks amanda's a hot red haired beauty that lights my fire 041114
Lemon_Soda Hope your doing well. 070812
singing songs of you're_your_yore 070812
girls needs just dont agree with the mans needs. this is the girl that fucked up my life.
after she gave it meaning that is...
Lemon_Soda thanks singer.

I don't need bad grammar giving people a bad impression when I send out solicitations.
Arrant My muse... my soul

you needed me to be ..
the strong one.. I'd always been

your rock your anchor

....and.. I..
I swayed.. I faltered..

and you


you needed me to be the best me I could be

and in this world


I failed

I faltered

I'm flailing now..

Forgive me
h|s|g i love her.. not in_love, but care.. yet there's nothing i can do for her. moving_on.. i found her some decent_company i_think .. it's_out_of_my_hands i hope somethings_sinked_in but we all_ways misinterpreted each_other tried_to_be_friends the best_we_could until_it's_toxic doing neither of us good.

periodicity_in_training interval_training_for_the_heart soul, and mind.
. . 111019
a clever disguise dreams_of_an_ex


a clever disguise she got married.

Well, that's that.
what's it to you?
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