Dr. Unk i don't know
i look at all my friends

and think she's a beautiful, amazing, person, and I don't know if I have a crush on her or if she's just a good friend

nad i wonder if i'm just improving on my capacity to love people platonically or becoming bisexual

and it's a bloody weird feeling - trying to distinguish between love and love and love (i think we need more words)

and sometimes wondering if it's really not the same thing after all

and the goodlookingguy walking around shirtless is hot... i guess... but there's a girl over there with streaked hair and sunglasses, throwing seaweed into the water with a pitchfork thing

i figure it's just teenage hormones
but i dunno... it's strange
. eet 050801
sab obligation_free_love


julien I am not gay (mostly)
I am not falling in love

I just have times when I want to be anyone but myself

And wanting to have something or be something is a lot like love sometimes
Lemon_Soda love is not sexual attraction.
sexual attraction is not love.

love is not sex
sex is not love

When they go together its great, but they don't require the other to exist, and I think alot of people are confused on this point.
Doar falling_in_lust 050803
cherrycokeandcum You're gay. Get over it. 050803
just me does gender even matter?
guys are... boys, cute, funny, sometimes deep or achingly beautiful in a blue-hair kinda way
but male and intrinsically incomprehensible

and girls are... pretty, sometimes wearing makeup and overly concerned with appeareances which detracts from them, somewhat... sometimes slutty-looking, makes me sad
sometimes shy and also achingly beautiful in a (quiet long hair) unobtrusively unique kind of way, and you want to anonymously tell her that she's the most beautiful person in the world, because she is
and are impossible to understand if you're not one and sometimes even if you are
julien Unfortunately it seems that both are dangerous and have the ability to hurt me deeply. 050804
eggory love is just attachment to a person. when you get to know a person, or don't, and just decide that you can't live with out them, and beign around them makes you feel happy, and other cliches, love is just indulgence in these feelings. i'm not trying to be cold and say that love is completely meaningless or anything. i just think that as long as you feel dependant on a person and don't want to let them go, you're in love. no distinguishment between whys.
some people choose who they fall in love with based some or all on looks, or abuse, or the feeling that the one they love is dependent on them, others some or all on similar value systems or thought processes to their own, sense of humour, whatever. maybe intrigue in someone being very different from you yet still easy to understand.
the only thing there is to it is that some reasons for choosing who you fall in love can be argued to make more sense than others, like sharing somethign in common rather than attachment to someone who abuses you.
i'm sure someone would say that i'm cold and have never really felt love if i think it's a choice. i'd like to hear that argument.
stork daddy was i really raised with such versatility to make all people so indistinguishably loveable? 050805
simple i think so 070806
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