Dafremen Sitting here staring out the window through my steamy eyes to the streamy raindrops that wander aimlessly down the pain.

Sitting here, all alone, with a box of Huggy Bears and thoughts of you, snuggle up with both of them for warmth against the lonely.

Sweet bright days gone by when I felt the foreverness of just being with you, under the quilt your little toes against my leg on rainy days like these.

The tears still roll in rivulets drop salty on the tongue, the sweet of joy, the bitter of lonely, the LIFE that is loving you fills mornings with anticipation, nights with wonder and at least one fast beating heart with passion.

Though the tears still roll and the rain still drops and the steamy hot spot of my breath on the window has slowly erased the outside world there is this.

Though these nights will be cold, the time will drag on and the missing you gets hard to bear, when I'm feeling for you with my mind and my soul through this window, these tears and these insecurities, there is still this.

When I'm mentally playing the man's voice in the background that you said was just some guy in the lobby at the convention, but how the hell do I know who it was(?) and then I'm picturing you with this guy getting ready to go dancing and maybe he's this really cool guy who could give you so much more than I could AND still love you as much as I do there is ALWAYS this.

When I'm all alone here, missing you, needing you, wanting you, loving you and yes TRUSTING you, I want you to be out there at the end of the day too. I want you sitting somewhere all alone on a bed with your eyes far away and your mind far away and your heart far away from where you are, because after all of this time...there is this.

If we're all alone and we're far away and I'm missing you and you're missing me, and we're both so cold and we're both full of longing then we're both together in a way, I'm there with you, you're here with me and a few old friends that have always kept me company.

If you're reading this, you've found the box of cookies and this note taped on it's side. Your very own "missing me" kit to tide you over until you come home so that you won't feel so alone in your loneliness. Just crack open the box, read this note, snuggle them both real close and get some sleep, angel. (Oh but put the Huggy Bears on the nightstand first so you don't wake up with Huggy Bears on your face silly.)

Good night sunshine, I love you.
unhinged that's what makes unrequited so goddamn lonely 010820
flippo i like huggy bears, the chocolate ones are awesome 010821
Dafremen do0d - Indeed it is. I can only hope the box of Huggy Bears was a tempting enough invitation to induce requiting. : )

flippo - No sh*t huh do0d!? They run rings around Teddy Grahams by a long shot, they're cheaper too. A Buck a box at the dollar store.
unhinged what are huggy bears?

i've gathered some information here to have a vague idea but i would like a detailed description if you please.
Dafremen I sat here for 30 minutes thinking up all sorts of clever things to say about how great Huggy Bear cookies are. I was going to mention how they are cookie crack. How heroin has nothing on Huggy Bear cookies. How they bend Teddy Grahams over and...well you get the idea. None of that was sufficient to do them justice. The ONLY way you will ever understand what Huggy Bears REALLY are is to try some. I had a coworker that didn't believe. He brought in his Teddy Grahams and I brought in my Huggy Bears. He munched on them all mornng long...went to lunch, came back and muched on them for the rest of the afternoon. He took his full, opened box of Teddy Grahams home with him after handing me my box with 2 Huggy Bears left...that bastage.

Huggy Bears are a "generic"(yea right...only thing generic is the cost: $1.00) version of Teddy Grahams that you can find at Dollar General stores. They are made in Toronto Canada by Commerical Bakeries Corp. and come in three flavors (that I am aware of):
Honey Graham
Chocolate Chip

Get a box do0d, I'll reimburse you if they suck. They won't and you'll be hooked too MUAHAHAHAHA.
unhinged hhhmm...not very helpful but definitely intruiging 010822
Dafremen I am going to scan in a box cover and some cookies holding hands in a lovely chain of Huggy Bear solidarity.

Want me to post it? Or email it?
unhinged you can mail it to me 010822
Dafremen I never did. MY scanner went on the blink before I could scan them in. 020417
Dafremen WARNING:
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should HuggyBears be allowed free Huggy reign.

(DISCLAIMER: The following URL leads to a graphic portrayal of a sexual act. This is an unretouched photo of an ACTUAL couple found in the sack. If you cannot, will not or choose not to stomach this image...please do not go to the URL!)
pipedream teddy grahams!!!! OOOOH!
'i just want to eat
tasty teddy grahams'
(man, i still remember the first bit of theme song of the advert, hahahaha)

i grew up eating teddy grahams, cinnamon ones and honey they still make 'em? will have to try huggy bears someday when i'm in the states....but nothing is yummier than teddy grahams, generic or not *grin*
Dafremen Another deluded TeddyGrahamian in desperate need of an introduction to the HuggyBear experience. 030624
endless desire i am a teddy graham addict. get me near a box of them and i will eat the whole freaking thing. . . i don't to disappoint you daf. i'll see if i can find a box of huggy bears just for you. but i just don't see how anything can top teddy grahams. frankly, i've always been a fan of the chocolate. never did like the chocolate chip though. what a tease of a cookie. it's like, "hey im chocolate. . . but then whooa i'm not" and then it laughs at you. yeah i just don't like it. 030624
pobodys nerfect I remember this page. I read it back when I was still a blather observer. I loved the first entry. The name and the story were cute. And I loved the bearscrew pic so much that I saved it! 030625
Dafremen I gots new webspace.

The picture has been relocated to here:
Dafremen Ok, so the graphic sex picture is now available for all in the blather yahoo photo album...under Dafremen rides.
dafremen Somebody is using my picture. Should I root for SOPA/PIPA now?
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