Souless Wanderer Is what I'm suffering from right now.

Saturday night was my friends 18th birthday party. She spent it cleaning up mine and two of my other friends puke. I had at least 11 jello shooters that were a mixture of peach schnapps and rum, plus jello, some strawberry daquri coolers, and some smirnoff ice coolers, then we got into the hard stuff. The three of us drank 2 bottles of vodka, and a micky of rum, and a bottle of peach schnapps. (a huge one)i don't remember anything from about 11pm, till 3am, which is when i woke up coated in vomit. I continued to vomit until 3pm on sunday. (not continuously, but still) Eventually nothing was left but burning bile. A lovely orange-y yellow colour. Nothing would stay down. Now its noon-ish on monday, and i still feel like vomiting.

The moral of the story? Don't drink as much as i did. Lol. You'll regret it.
Lemon_Soda A freind of mine went to the hospital recently for overdosing on some pain killers he got for his leg. took the whole bottle, the stupid git, and washed it down with SOMETHING(don't know what) alchoholic. I was left with two choice"pity him, or be mad at him. He doesn't appreciate nor accept other peoples pity, or atleast thats what hes told me, so now I'm very mad at him. Funny, though, after his stomach was pumped, a few days later I ran into him at a friends house...everything went as if nothing had happened... so fu8cked up. 031208
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