Ahmad Just thought what the hell,

hi world!
ahmad is a twat the world don't wana kno so fuck off and die 020831
Ahmad fk u whoever u r,

got a bone to pick? try it, ime a bloody good arguer when i want to b
~gez~ ...ye whatever 020912
*nat* ...is shorter than me YEY! 020913
Sam I have absolutely no idea whats going on 020913
backasswards dam ha 020918
Ahmad shut up.

nat, i WILL grow.. sumday

sam, u will never have any idea whats goin on

gez, ur to tall.

me. ime the best looking, tallest, smartes iraqi u know.

(ime also the shortest, dumest, uglyest...but thats besides the point, cos u only know 1 iraqi, n thats me, n u love me. n i love u. n we r all like 1 big happy family) lol....
Ahmad who still dont know how to spell. 021007
*nat* ha ive already grown matey!!! so if u dont soon, well, ill employ u as my little leaning post. and ill also pay 4 u 2 have spelling lessons if thats alright!?

chuckle chuckle he he
chuckle chuckle he
Ahmad that was sooo long ago!!!
*remembers the world back in the oll days*
and i have grown...
god i am almost two kilometers tall 030620
Aliceee ahmad,.you are NOT a good arguer!
(not as good as me anyway)
what's it to you?
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