silentbob A Single Second

Oh my God! My God this can't be happening! God tell me, tell me this isn't real! i can't believe all that i have foreseen is finally happening. i cannot for a single second stand the way i feel. i always knew. i always saw it coming. Enveloped now, encased by my worst fear. i've never felt the nausea of longing to feel nothing, i never wanted to cease to exist, just disappear. Fear memories are all that lie ahead. Never have I felt so lost. Memories dull my senses. Fear tragedy is all that lies ahead. Never have I felt so dead. Once felt so warm, no i'm fucking freezing. i am the once embraced abandoned one. i raised my eyes up to the light in hopes of finding healing; no relief was mine, i was burnt, by the sun.

Coin Return

I have slipped and I have fallen so far down I can't get out. Overwhelmed by my doubt. Things I said I'd never do I've done. Those I said I'd never be I've become. I have broken - I'm still breaking - cracked and wrecked, beyond repair. Smacks me in the face every time I fall. I cannot disregard, with each new fall I hit twice as hard. Would you be there for me? I would. Would you look up to see? I would. falling forward and looking up.

He Who Laughs Last...

No trust can be given freely, its' a valuable commodity, but obviously this is something you've never learned. Faith is something that you put in friends, and had I excess morals to lend, I'd let you borrow them, but my trust you haven't earned. We've got a problem? First of all there is no "we", I'm detached from you completely. I've got a problem. You tell lies to my friends and think it won't get back to me. No bond can ever seem to make a stable fit in our relationship, but one thing that never comes between us is honesty. When you have something to say, you always seem to find a way to avoid the truth or instead, avoid me. Straight up is how you'll see me stand, but it is never in your plans to be straight forward, so instead, you use deceit. Now I would like to take apart what you've been breaking from the start. I'll remain intact, I won't be broken in defeat. No trust!

Perfect Fit

What was it I was thinking, or was I even thinking at all? When I think of what I thought back then, then I'm ashamed; and I'm appalled that I gave up all I was so easily. Living your life is not for me. I won't be sedated, I won't be sedated! Give me a little taste and I know I won't want more. I won't be sedated, stability is overrated. Give me the disorder I adore. I can't be a part, be a part, I can't be a part. I can't be a part, be a part of your modern world. I've gotta be apart, be apart, I've gotta be apart. I've gotta be apart. I can't grasp the values that you hold. What was it you were thinking, or were you even thinking at all? When I think of what you thought of me, I take offense; and I'm appalled that you could discount all I love so easily. Living our life is not for me.

Who Knew?

Every single notion burned indelibly.
Every motion leaving scars behind.
All sincere emotion received skeptically
with no preparation for life eternal.

Every tear that's fallen brings one thousand floods.
Paper cuts are leaving blood behind.
All the silent laughter ringing piercingly.
I blink making my eyes mine.

Words in their worthlessness, they should be
Weighted down, but do I truly wish their cessation?

AFI Band Biography
(from Nitro Records, October 2000)

The origins of AFI (A Fire Inside) are humble-- four high school students making noise in a garage in the early 90's, looking for some way to alleviate boredom in a small town between skateboard sessions. As they learned to play their instruments with each practice, even they couldn't imagine what the band would become.

On September 26th, the band released their fifth full-length album, entitled The Art of Drowning, which showcases exactly what it is AFI has evolved into-- a band with a sound unlike any other, a sound where chilling melodies collide alternately with furious aggression and somber melancholy. While their music is firmly rooted in both punk rock and hardcore, they have effectively blasted away any distinction between the two and can claim an army of fans from both subcultures as well as virtually every other underground or extreme music genre from goth to metal.

Not just a "studio" band, the intensity of their live performances must be seen and heard to be believed. "Through our bleeding, we are one!" the crowd chants as the band takes the stage, wherein occurs an exchange of energy between band and audience that is much like a lightning storm-- charging and changing the normally genial vocalist Davey Havok into a man possessed. One of the ways the band has garnered the fanatic following they now enjoy is through the plain hard work of many a month spent on the road. They've toured with such acts as The Offspring, Rancid, Danzig/Samhain and Sick Of It All to name but a few, as well as doing a stint on the most recent Warped Tour. Since their first nationwide tour in 1995, they have crossed the continent of North America countless times in their tours of the United States and Canada, done multiple tours of Europe and even paid a visit to Japan in 1998. AFI hit the road in support of The Art of Drowning with punk legends Rancid near the end of 2000 in what promises to be one of their most anticipated and exciting tours yet.

In addition to original members Havok and drummer Adam Carson, the band has seen its share of lineup changes, bassist Hunter (ex-The Force) entered the fold as a tour stand-in before recording on the band's third album "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes," while guitarist Jade Puget (ex-Redemption 87) joined for the fourth full-length, "Black Sails in the Sunset," as well as the subsequent "All Hallows E.P.," a four-song release that contains the original version of "Totalimmortal" (a song which received heavy radio airplay all over the nation when it was recorded by The Offspring for the soundtrack to the film Me, Myself & Irene). Puget's task was not easy-- in addition to assuming guitar duties he became a primary writer of the band's music. Still, no one better understood where AFI had been musically and where they should go-- he'd known the band since the very beginning and had played guitar on the flip side of their first ever release, a split 7" with Loose Change released in 1992. Things coalesced quickly, Jade the perfect complement to Havok's brooding lyrics and accomplished vocal talents. There's no weak link in this chain-- to say that Hunter and Adam are accomplished in their respective rhythm section duties would be an understatement.

Such lineup changes might have destroyed another band, but the opposite has occurred with AFI -- with each new album and E.P. the band has bravely forged ahead into new musical territory, all the while maintaining their original energy and intensity. The Art of Drowning is no exception to this progression, but while it contains the inevitable musical surprises that avid listeners have come to expect from the band, it is also a distillation of all that has come before, touching on every phase of their evolution, as well as what is to come. Of the new album, vocalist Davey Havok says, "I feel it's our most complete work." It is also the most sonically pleasing, recorded in Berkeley's famous Fantasy Studios with Chuck Johnson and mixed in the familiar environment of Art of Ears in Hayward with longtime associate Andy Ernst. Johnson, a well-respected veteran who's worked with everyone from Nick Cave to Korn, lent his expertise as he co-produced the new album with the band. The days of honing their craft in the garage are now a long ago memory, but one thing has not changed-- the fire inside AFI still burns, more strongly than ever. With each new record, each tour, each show, the flames spread-- ever igniting in new people and places, threatening to someday engulf the world.
daxle What I always wonder when I read your blathers about bands, is why you have to include some half-assed biography from someone who knows very little of what's important, or at least correct, about the band. It was bad enough that nitro posted this piece of shit, and now you have to do it too?
"give me a fucking break!"
daxle I get to see afi and rancid on the 9th wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 001130
silentbob all that shit i copied and paste off of the nitro page, i blathered the night my friends went to see afi, rancid, and the distillers in minneapolis. i couldnt go because i had play practice that night. the next night my friends went out of town and missed the opening night of the play and they couldnt be bothered to go the second night, they are just too busy. they put me in the middle of the fight with each other. i wanted to fuckin barf all over them. 001130
daxle friend is a four letter word 001204
silentbob woohoo! now daxle can have her cake and eat it too 001204
daxle File 13

I sleep until there is no light.
I'm wide awake all through the night. Dinner may suck but I'll take a bite,
I do whatever I can.
My muscles stiffen through the day. Discomfort never goes away.
I feel like a garbage can.
Throw me away, I've got no use.
Throw me away, I'm nothing to lose. Throw me away, I feel like shit.
I am useless.
I know I know nothing at all.
I'd take stand, but I know I'd fall.
I'd run head-down into a wall and watch my blood run faster.
Girls laugh and pass me on the street.
I spook out everyone I meet.
I've got pink toenails on my feet,
I'm such a fucking master.
I never seem to feel well.
I always seem to look like hell.
It seems like everyone can tell my mind is going numb.
My mom thinks I wear women's clothes.
I get dogged on at all the shows.
It seems that everybody knows I look like a fucking bum
daxle I feel like fucking manna awww 001216
silentbob listening to the black sails in the sunset cd in the computer lab in school makes all these other people look dark and shady, like they are ready to do something to someone. something painful. 010824
CheapVodka my favorite line from one of my favorite AFI songz:

what if i could go to sleep for days. would you count the hours, or would your restlessness consume fading memories or me? -At A Glance
silentbob my favorite afi lines are in no particular order, mostly from A Single Second:

"i am the once embraced abandoned one, i turned my eyes up to the light in hopes of finding healing, no relief was mine i was burnt by the sun."

also "through our bleeding we are one"

and "My soul brings tears to angelic eyes"

and "They say all good things must pass, i wish you didnt apply"
CheapVodka "What was it i was thinking, or was i even thinking at all? when i think of what i thought back then, then i'm ashamed; and i'm appalled that i gave up all i was so easily. living your life is not for me."

"No hope at all. take nothing from nothing and you'll have nothing left."

"forever unwanted, outcast today. i'm not mislead, i've got no one to follow. everywhere to go, no place to stay."

"i'm not angry, i'm just amused at your quest for attention through your self abuse."

"i thought we both shared the same injuries. now i've found it's you who injures me."

"let's tap your heart so we can paint the walls and see if anybody likes the tone or the pain. the hungry eyes waiting for life flash, now they're gonna see it. open your veins so we can make a pool and bathe and see if anyone complains of the stain."

"i bite my tongue and hold my breath and tell them, 'the same old thing.'"

"i put my faith. my faith in them, they twisted the knife further in."

and there are so many more but I feel I should just stop there
silentbob i wanted to join the despair faction which is AFI's special fanclub thing. but it costs 30 dollars. you get shirts and stickers and buttons and posters and all this stuff you wouldnt get otherwise...

but i don't think it should cost money to be part of the fan club. it should just cost money to get all the stuff.
angie my friends went to a Donnas concert and they found an AFI shirt in the parking lot. they gave it to me because they said i was the only one they knew that was small enough to wear it. i hadnt listened to afi at the time. its a nice shirt. my friend said that if he didnt give me the shirt he was going to make underwear out of it. that surely would have been interesting. perhaps it would have gotten more use...u never know 020512
silentbob do you listen to them now? 020512
silentbobfanclub silentbob strikes again. stop that. anymore and ill be ded. btw awesome ban 020513
silentbob what what what? 020513
Effingham Fish What my initials would be if I were someone else. 020713
Altar Ah yes, my favorite band, this...touched me in ways no other band has, or can. 030119
hopeunknown if only pure sweetness was offered, why's this bitter taste left in my mouth? 030119
paranoid martyr c'mon hopeunknown, it's obvious. you held it too long, babe.

[i recently discovered that i like afi. i'm scared as shit. i dunno why. i mean they're cool and everything but way different from what i use to listen. maybe it's the vibe they give away?]
recent afi fan paranoidmartyr that's because you held it too long, hopeunknown! 030625
faithless paranoid martyr adores you browser issues. sorry.

i'm stuck with 'despair factor'. awesome song.
celestias shadow afi makes me feel like a better person when i listen to their music. i think maybe that's one of the highest compliments you can give to an artist. when i first bought the cd and read the lyrics in the liner notes, i just sat there in shock. i've never seen a song that is so poetic. it's pure poetry. 030723
shivers i just went to thier concert last night. first time i've been in a mosh pit. i lost my shoe, my body aches and is covered with bruises, the songs are playing over and over in my head, i made new freinds and had one of the best experiences in my life! 031015
silentbob i used them in my halloween cd 031015
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