fyn gula think back to a time when your arm or leg was prohibited to move through an oblivious neglect of attention and when you finally decided to grant it locomotion, having vanquished your temporary involvement, you discover it to be full of "pins and needles, or as alex, the ukranian translator in jonathon sanfran foer's, 'everything is illuminated' says, "needles and nails."

a simple case of interrupted circulation. remedy? restore the flow of blood through gravity. sometimes the process of returning it back to its normal feeling and sensation hurts like hell, but at least the lingering numbness fades until it is gone. a popsicle in the heat. even the dog will lick up the sugar water that puddles.

now, imagine if you will, your both hands are numb and you try shaking them to restore blood flow, expecting in a few seconds all will be back to what it was. the little trick not only fails, but the loss of physical awareness that you are unexpectedly experiencing worsens, until panic steals your breath away, and you realize something wicked your way has come.

and so this is saumboo as you presently know him:

1. without eyesight
2. without the sense of touch

"cual es la problema?" puppertwinkle asked, sensing saumboo's horror. he licked his leg with concern and looked straight up at his hands.

"mis manos!" saumboo screamed, he put his hands up to his face to stop the tears bursting from his blind eyes.
"he perdido la sensacion en mis manos!"

"no puerde ser!" puppertwinkle yelled with compassion. he couldn't believe what was happening. "nadie se pueden forzar para aguantar tal tortura." he
said that no one should be forced to endure such torture.

and saumboo thought of what he did to feignez and did not speak fo a long time. finally he said, "es verdad."

it is true.

saumboo's hands no longer tingled. they were stiff and without feeling whatsoever. he could no longer bend his fingers. and since he could not see them, he didn't know what happened to them.

"mirada." saumboo said.
"que usted ven?"

saumboo wanted the little dog to tell him what his hands looked like.

puppertwinkle hesitated. there are somethings better not observed and blindness somehow is a blessing of the gods.

saumboo's hands had turned to stone.
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