fyn gula "i think the ways in which people are damaged are the ways in which they are strong. it's what makes people interesting. what they've overcome and what they haven't and how that's become a good thing. almost everyone's life is both a gorgeous story and a tragedy. i think being alive is really hard, and i'm constantly amazed and stunned by people who make it something interesting and beautiful."

~sarah polley

jack frost arrived in kemulya, unwelcomed as usual, stepping off the chilly dog express by himself, for no one would stand near him, let alone sit with him on the long journey from the frozen north.

he went to work immediately, dipping his long paintbrush fingers into buckets of white, flaky ice. he covered the bare-branched trees, what was left of the perennial wildflowers, and the sleepy grasses with a frigid blanket of filigree.

it was into this bone-chattering world that puppertwinkle entered on the first day of his search for help. he decided it best to head east because when fortune smiled upon him and provided much needed assistance, he could lead whoever or whatever it was towards them instead of backwards. that's how dogs think.

he had his rainbow sweater on, well, actually it was a sock that had the toes cut off. dennis used to put it on him when he was in the clown show. however, this refridgerated morning mercilessly required the wearing of another layer of raiment. and so on top of the sock he used his sheepskin that he slept on like some kind of pancho thing, held on by rubberbands. his ralph lauren saddlebags stuck out the sides and he looked like an idiot, like a cartoon drawn by someone who had no artistic ability. but you know dogs, they don't give a shit what they look like. he was warm and for a chihuahua, that is a major concern.

he walked for nearly a kilometer and stopped to take a piss on an old stump, both to mark his way and to relieve himself. right before he left he had hung the alcance del mundo around his neck for the last few nights before he departed, he had studied it and discovered several new fascinating capabilities. one of them was a "bw" button which stood for
"baeroun's words." puppertwinkle thought it would surely benefit them all if he could get to know this bear-man through his thoughts.

and so, as he took a breather, he pressed this particular button and listened to the quote coming from the small but powerful speaker of thr mahogany scope:

"there are two worlds at your immediate disposal right now. look around you, there is this one, where you sit now, full of things and weather and chaos. now close your eyes. there is the one you create, remember, or cannot escape, where you can backflip without the fear of landing on your head."
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