fyn gula as aerial commander of proina's esprit de corps, (the fall of birds being suicide bombers, as if you didn't know) feignez had contacts up the yinyang and resource for all get out. she had the perfect idea of how to help saumboo pull the cart and she went to work on it immediately, even as saumboo and puppertwinkle ate their snack.

rynomarian birds possess an argot in an effort to communicate that is unique to the species, a language known as "prytrea." it consisted of a complicated series of connecting variables, beak knocks, whistles, hoots, warbles, tweets, throat rolls, tongue clacks, and intricate vocalizations. and so, when saumboo and puppertwinkle heard a raucous clatter coming from the dead tree which feignez had flown off to, it was prytrea she was speaking to rouse the attention of a "mecurio" or messenger bird within proina's esprit de corps.

even before saumboo could give voice to his suspicion-laced curiosity, a rapid flying dove swooped in out of the hazy sky and alighted upon a dead branch beside feignez. puppertwinkle erupted a bark of warning, informing saumboo of its sudden appearance.

"que se esta encendiendo?" saumboo asked, popping the last piece of pecorino romano into his mouth. he was wondering what was happening.

"ella esta hablandro con otro pajaro," puppertwinkle replied, reporting the conversation between feignez and the dove.

"que el esta hablandro?" saumboo asked, wondering if the little dog could gauge the contents of their conversation.

"no se para segura sino que, lo pienso estoy sobro conseguir la ayuda para tirar del carro." puppertwinkle answered, and he was correct in his assumption that the two birds were discussing plans for getting saumboo help in pulling the cart.

here is their conversation translated from the original prytrean:

feignez: "thank you for coming so quickly."

the dove: "it is an honour to be of service to the aerial commander."

feignez: "how long will it take to get a combination of 8 to 12 crested crane, saddle-billed stork, and heron here? i need them to help pull a heavy wooden cart."

the dove: "that one there?" (he looked over at saumboo and puppertwinkle)

feignez: "yes."

the dove: "portuguese birds are an excellent call. you'll need 12 at least. i'll even try to get some green parrots to come along. they can be fun. give me 45 minutes, no more than an hour."

feignez: "very good. you'll find us struggling along the bianca strada. go forward most outstanding servant. proina will greatly reward you."
frAnk "it is the stillest words that bring on the storm. thoughts that come on doves' feet guide the world."

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