.. ooooooh woe is me 010823
opie . Indeed.
Sometimes I think I know Steven Tyler. Oh wait --- I do.
ClairE Jimmy.

He was also the burping_guy.

He seems like such a nice_guy.
For some reason we never became excellent friends, although I think he liked me and I know I liked the guy.

Funny to think how I know so much about his life and yet it involves all these people I've never met. People have lives without you. Or knowing you. Or caring.
whoknows youre my angel.
come and save me tonight.
no But she had one up her sleeve. And she pulled it on me on Christmas Eve. 020112
kelli crane you can't catch me 'cause the rabbit done died. 020112
opie . i don't really know steven tyler.

heh. heh. heh.
trixie joe perry, oh my god. anytime, any place... mm mmm mmmm! 030616
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