deb my brothers and i had this game,
where one person would lie on the ground
(usually the biggest player-
i kept dropping people)
and we would put our hips/stomaches
to the person's feet,
link fingers,
and they would hoist us up
in the air-
my brothers would pretend they
were fighter pilots
getting gunned down by
the evil japanese army
or some such thing.
for a while, at least,
until they dropped you
or put you down,
you could feel like you were
Paragraph all childhood games aside. airplanes are just machines to me. they represent all that I can't afford, but so greatly want. (that's you, silly) 010312
god rabbits_were_made_for_skydiving 010430
p2 "i like pleasure spiked with pain
and music is my aeroplane"
- red hot chili peppers
Kierkergourd In fact there are no planes. When we go to the airport we actually sit in teleporters and the "flight" is a simulated effect. You know how you thought you actually watched your friend's plane take off? The window is really just a big computer screen, simulating how it would look. Also, you are feeling fussy because you hurty your pinky a witsy bitsy! 061027
Cleopatra But then how do you explain arriving at point B from point A? 061027
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