pepperdrinks intelligence. compassion. talent. appeal.

the embodiment of sex.
Rotten77 That's the guy that kissed Halle Berry at the Oscars, right? I think she was pretty freaked out.

Though I've never seen his movies, I'd have to say that I just don't see the sex.
splinken I don't think he showed much compassion when he kind of forced someone to make out with him in front of millions of people. 030418
pepperdrinks They are friends. And I don't think she minded.

But I've loved him since 1998...and a moment like that (even if I percieved it as bad) wouldn't kill that love for me.
must marry a jew boy don't see the sex?! are you kidding me? I think even Immanuel Kant himself would agree that Mr. Brody is sex in and of itself. 030420
pepperdrinks indeed.

i like you.
Rotten77 Well, I guess if they are friends...

Again, I've never actually seen him in anything, so I guess I will have to defer to you guys on this one. I've been told I have pretty weird taste, so I'm not really one to talk either. lol.
celestias shadow i must concur with the statements above. I love adrien brody. 030830
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