Mandijabster lets all learn a bit of anatomy. well adipocytes are ur fat cells. if ur fat, u have lots of adipocytes. so if ur fat and you starve urself, your not going to lose weight. your body will think theres a famine. so you'll just be a really hungry fat person. so when you do go on a diet and lose 20 gazillion pounds...its like WOW! i cant see my tummy! but hence, the adipocytes are still there...lerking inside you. and theyre hungry dammit! feed the adipocytes they are your friends. but when you decide to feed them, instead of only gaving..lets say 2 gain 15 since theyre starving and need food. hence if ur fat...lose weight and then dont eat ne more, or get a better metabolism! that was fun...anatomy is so meaningful and helpful. :D 031125
falling_alone wow...yea i think thats they only thing i'll remember from that class next year... 031125
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