hsg In my book. And i can spell justa_fying, thank_you_very_much 090827
hsg Art breaks_the_cycle

in_my_opinion the function_of_art is to communicate the anomaly after entraining an audience with a meta for i_c canvass.

I heard the quietest_sound_in_the_world
and a voice softly saying, "It's okay."
In_Bloom I believe this and also a lack of grace
gawds help us
Ouroboros Disagree. Addiction can provide a framework (even stability for some and for a time) for art to come though (although often at a price.) 100406
hsg i would call that something closer to "discipline" or persistence. why is that addiction? 100406
birdmad my lack of genuine existential torment of late has been killing my artistic side...

i am now much less of an asshole, but overall, my highs are less high and my lows are less low

my new neurosis is not grief or the full brunt of some lovelorn misery, now my biggest motivator is just a creeping anxiety that does nothing to motivate the writer or painter within me, it's too weak and gooey to truly stir up the more vivid images that may yet lurk in the sediments of my subconscious
hsg @Our... I did see that, too in_the_sense_that a cyclical practice can form a framework. I wasn't and am not entirely sure of what I was trying to articulate. I see art as a tool for breaking_the_cycle, somehow communicating via alternative modes. It seems to be able to do both: form a structure yet free itself of it. I will consider this more. 100704
unhinged or maybe

we have so much inside
that art alone
isn't enough to get it all out
hsg coffee_enema 100705
what's it to you?
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