unhinged actions may speak louder than words but my actions lie 030904
Dafremen One might almost justify such a thing. Almost. So much careful consideration on your part to have it come back in your face for lack of compromise all around you.

If they won't see the truth for listening to the lies, that's their fault for not seeing through the bullsh*t when the truth was there, wrapped to unravel with a moment's careful consideration.

If they'd just stop looking at the rabbit, and the hat, and the wand, and the chainsaw, and the sheet music and just look in your eyes, they could know the truth if they really wanted to.

Because the truth is not only there on your face, but in a thousand little details that most have never taken the time to consider. You considered every one.

You know as well as anyone that a lie cannot hide from the truth, for truth has a habit of seeking out the lies which try to erase it.

Perhaps the day will come when you find a partner who will spot the stray strand of your hair in the branches, bent blades of grass that almost laugh to blurt the secret of your having passed that way.

I have no doubt that one day there will be someone to notice and consider the little things that all together make all of the difference in the world for their leading to you. The little things that point in blue neon to the truth about you, hidden between the lies.

I very much wonder what your chart looks like do0d. I suspect that your Moon is in a mutable sign. Would you mind?
little bug bendy stupid drums 030904
unhinged i would love to have my chart done daf. i would have to call my mom and see what time i was born though.

yeah, attention to detail is important to me. very important. and there was only one person i ever spent any time with in youngstown who looked at my details but she never really wanted me like THAT. but that's probably why we were such close friends. she was born only two and a half weeks after me. i was supposed to be a natalie. our pipes were cousins, all our smoking paraphanalia our family together.

wisconsin is a HORRIBLE place to live if you have outdoor allergies. oh_my_god
unhinged and frank always knew what he was seeing in my eyes and that's why he was so precious to me; he was the only one that knew what he was really looking at. i couldn't let sam push me away from him. he was the only one that understood what he saw. my heroin_doll
unhinged DAF

i still don't know what time i was born but i believe it was in the afternoon. here are some other interesting facts about how/when/why i was born that might be extremely interesting to an astrologer. i was born about five weeks early. my mom had a semi-traumatic experience involving her car and mice and the highway and two days later i was born. she had to have an emergency c-section to get me out because the cord was wrapped around my neck. and when i was born i couldn't breathe because my lungs were under-developed. and like i said, i think was born in the afternoon, but i'm not exactly sure. i just remember bits and pieces of the story that my mom has told me over the years and that's all i can come up with. after reading the stuff about cancer boys on: oldephebe , i'm really interested to see my chart. sometimes i find it ironic/funny that i was born so early; i was impatient even as a fetus.

my niece on the other hand didn't want to come out and they had to kick her out before she got too big for my poor sister to pop out the natural way. if you ask me, after seeing my sister the day arielle was born and hearing the nurse say 'this isn't a newborn baby, this is a two month old! i have to go get bigger diapers...' i think she was too big for my sister to have naturally. and arielle was stubborn even as a fetus and has the red hair to prove it. she was a week late to her own birthday.

could you maybe do her chart for me if you have the time? she was born on january 5th at approximately 6am. i believe it was a saturday if that makes any difference.
unhinged yeah, and my birthday is october probably already knew that but just in case. ugh. i'm already flipping about school. 030917
unhinged by the way daf---- i don't want you to think i was blowing you off. my realtime life has been so insanely ridiculously involved with school and injuries and teaching and going home and blah blah blah. excuses excuses...and maybe it hurts a little to realize that i'm no better than anyone else when it comes to helping you with your problem from a few weeks back. :-P :-( i shamedly admit that i don't get it. i didn't grow up anywhere near the bible and while you claim it has nothing to do with that i just don't get the obvious religious undercurrents. i don't understand and i hereby relinquish my title of do0d for being too busy and too dense to help. hope you catch this page since i should be doing bibliography shit ( i_hate_bibliographies ) and never have nearly enough time to write email anymore. i finally found out what time of day i was born. 7:30pm.

(wow addendum after addendum after addendum...and some would say this post has nothing to do with the topic of the page..hhmmppfff)
daf You are not allowed to relinquish the title of do0d, since it was not given by your authority, but by the authority of one who has not taken it from you.

I will look up your birthstats and send you a chart if they can be found.

Life contains only as little free time as we believe that it does. It contains only as many friends and as much support as we are willing to embrace.

The problem faced then was one of confusion, one of which you are probably quite familiar. That confusion still exists, but is slowly subsiding. Things can be quite chaotic while it is around.

Two words emailed to a friend can make all of the difference in the world: "Hi there!" It takes approximately 1-5 minutes to send an email.

You should have an email waiting by the time you read this.
daf As for the Bible, there will be a blather to demonstrate that the focus of this John/666 thing has never been on the Bible, and yet the Bible has provided important clues to current and future events, and to the uncovering of one of the most successful frauds perpetrated in the annals human history.

The Bible is a book, a book of more lies than Truth as far as the Greek Scriptures (New Testament) are concerned and an attempt will be made to demonstrate that.

There was a man who had more to gain by lying than by telling the Truth and so his lies form the foundation of the rituals and beliefs of most Christian denominations.

Anyone that had placed me in a box labelled "Bible thumper" has overestimated their capacited for openmindedness (if they ever claimed such a thing) and has likely fallen prey to a litany of religious vs. non-religious conditioning.
daf see also: mithras 031114
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