Mahayana when i watch as you lay sleeping, passivity reveals the ways of exposed absolution. Liberating all rusted tatterments of resentment... currents of air takes-up liberated patterns of residue 041212
its true! drink lots of water. 050707
unhinged tonglen 050707
hsg take a single breath. calm your mind. visualize many wheels turning inside your body. see them slowing. see them stilling. see them stop. even though they may look like theyve stopped, they still turn very very slowly. see it as your metabolism. see the spinning as insistance of your ego. to stop the wheels from spinning completely will make them disappear. they are your wheels. you are in control. one breath can last forever with progressive relaxation techniques. search very far. know u can travel when you stop insisting that you are stuck "here". slow the wheels. one breath. write it in your journal. add a few seconds here and there. u can practice anywhere. fasting will help slow your metabolism. you'll be amazed at how much energy and o2 digestion uses. push for 5 more seconds everytime. it may seem like a lot but you have a long way to go and you will go further than you tink is possible.

the spirit needs only to detox from fear, create a vacuum and find a home only in this gentle loving kindness. practice compassion all day long. with every decision you make, with every point of view, make it a compassionate one.

purity is clarifying the connection of all thinks. like a supercooled conductor, atoms are more closely compact until all things are one and communication is instantaneous.
unhinged cutting your bullshit out of my life 110331
dafremen For starters..let's eradicate emotional and spiritual pedophilia.

Only in ignorance are we allowed to be blissful during such arrangements..and we can't be ignorant and aware at the same time on the same subject can we?

(Try us motherfucker.)
Lemon_Soda We can conciousley ignore the enlightenment which allows for maintaining the demeanor. So if your comfortable lying to yourself... 110401
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